ChaneLVoe and Milk Tea?

CHANEL SS11 Act 1 Dark White Classic Flap Bag Reissue in 227 with GHW  –  Her name is otherwise known as Ivory


OMG!!! My present is here! I was Skyping with my daddy who gave me a preview of my grad gift after having purchased it yesterday. He is currently on a business trip and will be back on Saturday. So I guess by Saturday or Sunday, my baby will be MINE! Woohoo!!! Apparently, the Chanel SA gave my dad a bunch of extra stuff for me, I don’t know what they are yet, but we’ll see. I can’t wait! In the meantime, I have given her the name Ivory because she’s so classy heehee! Gahhhhhhhhh I’m squealllling like when I was back in high school! HAHAHA WHHEEEE!!! I’m so hyper and jittery. I swear I don’t do drugs, EVER! hahaha! 😀

I haven’t been this excited for a long time. Reminds me of my LV Motard Biker purchase 3 years ago. Hey! Wait a second… Ivory is the PERFECT match to my bad-ass Motard Biker!!! HAHAHA! She’s so fine, pristine, and elegant. (My dad actually called her “Refined” which I guess means he approves of the bag lol). Yet, she has a little secret – a soft spot for the naughty boys… I’m such a good match-maker lol.

This is what I call true ChaneLVoe!


Okay seriously, I need to snap out of it. I think I’m going to go make myself a cup of milk tea. I’ve been really into this lately and normally I HATE milk teas, yuck! I actually got this pack of 6 instant milk tea bags by mistake (no kidding, I’m illiterate in Chinese LOL). I was really looking for coffee. Nonetheless, I was happily surprised that the tea is really good! The brand is called 3:15 PM. What I also like to do is add in another spoon of coconut powder! It makes the tea so creamy! And anyone who knows me well knows that I like white creamy stuff…. lol Btw, black and white is the most beautiful color combo – one of infinite prismatic colors paired with its technical absent involute. WTF is wrong with me tonight?!?!?! I’m so tangential! HAHA! See, this is what happens to a girl when you make her really happy! Seriously, I’m on such natural high that my endorphins are blowing through my brain which is why it’s really F-ed up now LOL. SO WHO’S COMING OVER FOR SOME MILK TEA??? I’m gonna start advertising for these lol


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