A Royal Blue Dream

There was once a white cat who had eyes that shone like sapphires enlightening the midnight sky. She met a a rugged black male cat one day while her mistress took her out to the pet spa. The male cat peered inside the spa window trying to get a glimpse of that gorgeous white cat but was quickly shooed away by the owners of the boutique.

Nonetheless, he knew that nothing can be achieved without effort and persistence. He followed the white cat home and would visit her every night bringing her delicacies from the alleyway. The white cat was at first disgusted by the thought of eating mice when her mistress had always fed her the best Wellness fish meals. However, she was curious about the male cat. She had never been allowed to go outside the house before. Mistress would not be pleased to see her perfect white fur stained. The white cat turned away from the window, leaving the black cat outside. He stood there day after day for another month with a delicacy laid outside each time he visited.

The white cat was moved. She didn’t care if they were from two parts of society. She no longer cared about her perfectly groomed white coat. She wanted to try something new – these delicacies were really tempting her! So she snuck out one day. The black cat of course was waiting for her all along. They had the best nights that she could remember. He brought her to see his world, showed her more delicacies than what Wellness could offer, and taught her how to catch mice! WOW – she thought to herself, “I never knew I could do that! The feeling of accomplishment after hunting down my own food is nothing compared to being fed, no matter how expensive my tastes are!”

Indeed, her tastes were expensive. The white cat’s favorite dish was blue tuna. Nonetheless, he was madly in love with her that he would and could do anything for her. So the black cat tried with all his power to catch a big fish from the sea. They don’t come often but he waited everyday, not even afraid that the waters may drown him. Then a miracle happened and he saw the biggest fish in a beautiful royal blue color treading below the rippling surface of the sea. He dove in and after much struggle and gulps of aspirated water, he finally succeeded! He would present it to the white cat for her paw in marriage.

And her eyes shone like diamonds in the sea when she saw the royal blue watersnake inside that box. He would never forget her smile that day when he gave her the gift! “This is truly my royal blue dream!” exclaimed the white cat! And of course, they lived happily ever after.




So that’s my long-winded prelude to my REAL royal blue dream! My black cat, Maestro, clearly prefers these babies than the white cat! He is a very persistent boy when if comes to food which is why he’s not letting go of this real piece of watersnake that he’s caught! 😀


Introducing my first all exotic pair of shoes:

CL SS11 Alta Dama 140 in Royal Blue Watersnake

– The shoes are really comfortable except that they’re a bit small. I understood them to be true to US size, so I ordered half size small especially considering that the new ADs are made bigger these days. However, they’re actually true to CL size instead! I hope they’ll stretch with some wear or maybe it’s because I’ve been standing all day. I will try on these shoes tomorrow morning when my feet are less swollen. I think they should be better then.

– Although these watersnake heels are beautiful, they’re very delicate! Too delicate for my taste! I tend to really wear down my shoes a lot, which is why I love patent, they’re indestructable and so easy maintenance! However, these heels catch dirt and hair extremely easily. This baby is off-limits for my cat! haha The material seems like suede, where they can’t be in contact with water… real PITA…

– Lastly, another thing I’m not so happy about is the distribution of the scales. The left heel has beautiful, distinctly flared scales, whereas the right heel has flattened, and barely visible scales. Also the dye doesn’t seem to catch on everywhere evenly. Some parts have lighter patches if you look closely…



PS: My cats are actually like this IRL… They don’t get along very well even though I want my dream to be true for them! Make me some kitties!!! LOL Ok jokes aside, they used to be pretty good together, but now whenever Maestro’s around the white cat (no official name for her lol) she hisses at him. She’s such an unfriendly and nasty cat. Good riddance, I gave her away to my parents.

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