The Fairest and Most Refined of Them All – I’m in LOVE!

CHANEL SS11 Act I Blanc Foncé Satin Calfskin Classic Flap Bag / Reissue 2.55 with GHW – Medium (226) Size

My first Chanel has arrived!!! She is GORGEOUS and is the PERFECT size for me!!! As I’ve mentioned previously, I was worried that she was the large size, but it was just a miscommunication with the SA! The leather is just DIVINE and I love how there are beige patches “marble-ized” over the body. I haven’t been this excited for a bag in a long time! She’s definitely worth the wait!



I kind of wish the inside was leather rather than satin… Oh well… At least the SA compensated this by being super generous and gave me a hard-cover book of Chanel’s SS11 campaign with pictures taken by the man himself – Karl Lagerfield. She also put in a gift card, stickers and tons of ribbons 😀



Lastly, here I am going out with her for the first time (last night) to La Perle.
Ref: I’m wearing CL Rolande Bouclé 120 in Geranium Suede
American Apparel skirt and H&M sweater


2 thoughts on “The Fairest and Most Refined of Them All – I’m in LOVE!

  1. The bag looks great on you!! Was this a reissue 225 or 226? I’m only 5ft tall and am worried that 226 will be too big.

  2. Hi Tiffany,

    it is 226 – medium size. I’m 5’2 for reference, so I don’t think it’ll be too big for you! Happy shopping 😀

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