Which NUDES?!?!?!? None!


It’s pretty embarrassing to have a bunch of CL shoes and yet have no nudes in your collection.

I realize that, but I never really feel the need to wear nude shoes. My classic staple colors are black, brown, and pink – which I can usually mix and match to go with my wardrobe… until now. I need to buy a nude pair to go with my convocation dress which is red and yellow. My first choice was a VP 120 in Nude Patent, second choice was AD 140 in PP Watersnake, and third choice was AD 140 in Nude Patent. So I go on my hunt for these shoes in France… la la la la la…

I called the boutiques in France – got one answer, for which I said I’d consider and call back because the VP was a half size bigger than I would prefer. I called again and again and again the next few days – NO ANSWER!!! I email – No response back! Do European French people not use the telephone? I realize that they’re difficult to get hold of and some are mighty arrogant with their “oh la la je viens de la France” – attitude, but wow am I in disbelief! Finally today, one SA answered the phone and apparently ILS SONT TOUS VENDUS (including the first pair that I said I’d consider)!!! OMG!!! *I DIE!!! Stable angina!!!
(Btw, I’m joking… I love France AND the French accent lol)

I rest for 10 mins and my angina has dissipated. Fine, I will hunt down my shoes in the States then. I call my SA in Cali and I just cannot believe my worst luck of all time! “Didn’t the boutique get new inventory last week? Also throughout the USA, wasn’t there also a new shipment recently?!?! So you’re telling me that in the system there are none left in the entire US?!?!” I’m seriously thinking who are these people with tiny feet like mine. I also asked about a bunch of other neutral-colored shoes and they’re not available either. I’m very pissed.

Then my SA called me back, “hey I found you a pair of nude-ish watersnake Jennys, but they’re a size 35.5. Is that ok?”
Me *excited* “Yes!”


So that’s my long winded-story for the Jenny 150 in Powder Pink Watersnake, or is it?

As I’m waiting for her shipment, I’m now having second thoughts. These are for convocation meaning I’m going to be walking across the stage in front of hundreds of people to get my head tapped or something. ARE THESE SHOES TOO HIGH?!?! I’m really scared… Normally I do not like sling-sandals cuz they’re less stable, plus the dangerous heel height… I dunno if this is a good combination or not. Thus 10 hours later since my first phone calls in the morning, I contact the US boutiques to cancel my order for the Jenny. And I feel HAPPY now that I haven’t spent that much!!! See, I’m sensible toward my spendings lol.

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