Meltonian: Spa-Time for Shoes and Bags!

After much research online, I’ve finally found the right products to protect my shoes and bags! I waited for more than a week for its delivery since it’s not available in Canada. With much enthusiasm, may I introduce the two star products,

MELTONIAN Water & Stain Protector and All-Purpose Cleaner & Conditioner

These are two great protectants that will help clean and prolong the longevity of your shoes. These products are tried and tested by hundreds of PFers and often used by Chanel’s factories when bags are brought back to the boutiques for maintenance, cleaning, or repair. The ingredients are very gentle making them suitable for expensive leathers and exotic skins.

Here are the descriptions for both:

MELTONIAN Water & Stain Protector
– Protects leathers and suede from water-based and oil-based stains. Allows surface to breathe and protects all colors. Helps prevent salt stains on boots and shoes. Also good for use on rainwear, hats, jackets, and other outdoor apparel.

MELTONIAN All-Purpose Cleaner & Conditioner
– Designed for cleaning and conditioning all types of leather grains including gloved, smooth, and distressed leathers. Using the same time-honored formula originated by Properts, this special wax free product is also ideal for caring for distressed leather, patent leather, imitation leather, and plastic surfaces. It may also be used to clean and condition all types of reptile skins including alligator, lizard, and snake. Helps promote the natural shine of leather while protecting against salt stains, water spotting, and cracking. Excellent for two-tned shoes. Not recommended for use on suede, nubuck, or napped leathers.


Now, let us witness the **magic** of Meltonian with my CHANEL Reissue:

The pic below shows the original, naked, state of my bag. Sorry, the pix aren’t great cuz my camera died and I’m using my cell, plus it just finished raining so the daylight is a bit dark…


Time 0 – My bag immediately after being sprayed with 1 coat


Time 30 mins – My bag sprayed again with 2nd coat


Time 60 mins – Another half hour later, I spray the final 3rd coat

As you see, Meltonian DOES NOT CHANGE THE COLOR of the leather! This is a much feared consequence of many other sprays and protectants out there. I’ve heard one or two PFers say that apparently Meltonian’s spray changed their shoe color, but after my experience here, I think that must be rare and happened only because there was an intrinsic difference in the leather. Also, Meltonian DOES NOT LEAVE ANY RESIDUE on the leather! Immediately after I sprayed my bag, I felt like it had a bit of sticky-tackiness but after it dried completely, I almost cannot feel any difference compared to its pre-spa experience lol. Maybe there’s slight film-feeling, but honestly, it’s no big deal.

Lastly, I also tried the Meltonian’s lotion on my CL Rolande Boucle just to clean up the inside leather which tends to get dirty and it did a great job cleaning the insole! Although the company recommends NOT to use it on suede, I tried a bit just at the back of the insole where there’s a patch of red suede behind the beige smooth leather. That part gets dirty fast too, but I thought it’s no big deal because it’s on the inside, plus I just want to test out how the lotion works on suede. Turns out that THE LOTIONĀ REMOVES some of the color as seen on my white cloth!!! Thus proceed with caution if you want to try it on suede!

Lastly, I brushed the outside suede twice, both against and with the grain with an Ultrasoft Sensodyne toothbrush, and finally sprayed Meltonian twice over the entire shoe. Now the red geranium suede looks brand-new!!! The spray DOES NOT MAKE SUEDE “CRUNCHY”! I’m very pleased with the results šŸ˜€ (Sorry, no pic)

I also sprayed my Rick Owen’s leather jacket and I plan on cleaning up all my shoes and bags – I just ordered another 2 spray cans!!! haha

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