Caught in Charlotte Olympia’s Golden Web!

Charlotte Olympia Dolly in Nero/Oro (Black Suede and Gold Leather Platform)

I went to pick up my shoes at the UPS Customer Service Center on Friday since I was traveling a couple of days earlier and couldn’t be home for delivery. The COD wasn’t too bad, only 83$ woohoo! I couldn’t wait to open them! The shoes are MAGNIFICENT! I’m impressed by the overall quality which is definitely better in comparison to CL’s classics in the same price range (eg. VP, Ron Ron, Decollete, Pigalle). Just the intricate scallop detailing on the insole which is sewn on rather than glued, already gives CO a lot more points. The suede is fluffy and feels ever so slightly thicker than CL’s. Lastly, the level of comfort far exceeds that of CL’s with the same heel height! You won’t believe it but these are the same heel height as CL’s 150 shoes and after the first day with my Mad Marta, I’m embarrassed to admit that I could NOT walk in them. I was so depressed thinking that I can’t do 150s when I’ve always been so ambitious thinking that I can conquer *any* heel height lol. CO’s Dolly renews my hope! They’re so comfortable, like a pair of CL Ron Ron 100!!! The shoes fit TTS and I can’t wait to buy more! 😀


Heel height comparison pix between CL and CO:

– Like I said, the height is exactly the same – 140 external and 150 internal (true height), but CL’s is very difficult and uncomfortable to walk in because of an extremely narrow toe-box and super steep pitch – like going en pointe back in my ballet days, I was literally hopping on my toes for 3 hours last time I wore them. CO’s Dolly is super comfy like a pair of CL Ron Ron 100 for me! I can’t praise enough of CO’s shoe engineering team!

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