What’s the Similarity Between CL and RO?!?!

Hard for some to imagine that there could be similarities between Christian Louboutin‘s shoes and Rick Owens style, right?

^Reference: Pringle of Scotland dress and Club Monaco python belt

Well at least with CL’s Woodstock finish, the heavily distressed leather reminds me of RO’s Blister Biker jackets in that both are somewhere between suede and grained leather. The leather has been pulled to a point where it’s become “fluffy” but not yet as velvety as suede, which I think is just a delicacy on its own! I love the feel! Woodstock is available in Bianca, Numéro Privé, and New Déclic. Please welcome my new shoe addition to my CL collection,

New Déclic 120 in PK7H Nude Earth Woodstock Calf Leather 



So I do have to admit that I’m not so much into CL anymore. I’ve been put off by the highly jacked up prices for really simple designs and the hype that drives this craze is just… CRAZY for a lack of better wording. It reminds me of the reasons for why I left Louis Vuitton. A luxury brand should NOT be (relatively) mass-produced to the point where there are more than 2 dozen styles per season just for the purpose of profit, resulting in quality control issues that have surfaced most prominently this season.

Anyhow, these New Déclics fit about the same as the old Declics, which other people have said to run smaller by half size and the newer version are more TTS. I honestly don’t feel much of a difference. I fit into the same shoe size 36 as the older ones. I also prefer the older CL styles now for their comfort since the newer shoes are going into insane heel heights of 150+ which are not practical for me. The New Déclics are very comfortable with a hidden platform. The toe box is spacious allowing you room to wiggle your toes, but length-wise runs half size small as I’ve already mentioned.

Since the leather is suede-like, I would treat them the same as suede: Meltonian to the rescue!!! 🙂

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