***A Very Special Reveal to End the Year***

Ok, so I admit, I don’t know if that was too bold of a statement to make lol. However, indeed my next reveal is one that is very special to me because it’s the first pair of CL boots that actually fit me around my calves! Please welcome,


Christian Louboutin FW11 Bianca Botta 140 in Black Lucido Calf Leather

My calves measure exactly 13 inches which isn’t huge, but I’m pretty short at 5’2 which makes the leg curvatures rise up quicker/lower than compared to a taller woman, kwim? The left leg fits me perfectly, but oddly enough, the right leg is still quite tight… They have an elastic material on the medial aspect of the boots which makes them more forgiving.


I particularly LOVE how the platform and heels are NOT covered by leather, but rather made of wood which is more resistant to nicks and scratches from wear and tear!


Modeling pix:


Dress/Tunic – Dynamite
Belt – H&M
Tights – Hue 


It’s funny how I was searching for a pair of boots the night before and actually made an order in the States for CL’s New Simple Botta 120 on the same day, but ran into these Bianca Botta, which I think is so much sexier!!! It must be the platform that gives them the extra *ooomph* even though I usually despise a thicker platform lol. The next day, I was stuck in Toronto for a while cuz they cancelled my plane home, and I wound up wandering to David’s to try on the New Simple Botta which also fit me around the calves! I conclude now that CL is making boots at least an inch bigger than 2-3 years ago since I wasn’t able to fit into the Babels back then. The Simple boots are probably more practical for everyday wear, but it’s not like you’re going to be treading dirty, slushy, Canadian snow in CL boots, so for that wow-factor for more special days I still prefer my Bianca Botta!!! Here’s a comparison pic of the two boots:

2 thoughts on “***A Very Special Reveal to End the Year***

  1. Hi Cecilia,
    I agree that Bianca Botta 140 is so much sexier. I love platform, I think are very gorgeous. I love the heel and the red touch. I like tight boots because legs look thin and are sexy. I would like to buy them!

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