Giuseppe Zanotti’s Return to Fabulousness!

Giuseppe Zanotti Fall/Winter 2011 Collection


So Giuseppe Zanotti, the King of blinged out shoes, has been in the shadows for the past couple of seasons. There were always a couple of okay-looking shoes, the kind that you’d think “Oh that’s nice, but I’ll wait until they go on sale.” Since last season, I was already noticing a change with some of his platform heels. Nonetheless, I could live without them.

As we slowly strut into fall/winter of 2011, Giuseppe Zanotti has been quick in climbing the new heights of the season! With his platform shoes in the 150 mm heel height, they are definitely competing in the spotlight against Christian Louboutin‘s famous heels. Of particularly interest to me, are his Double Platform Booties 150 which look rather similar to CL’s Daf booties 160 as seen on Victoria Beckham recently. I can’t help but to fall in love with Giuseppe‘s! I ADORE the combination of 20mm inbuilt platform together with a small 10mm visible platform, which definitely REFINES the toes while providing extra height! Unlike CL’s Daf booties which have a completely hidden platform of 60mm, making the entire shoe appear extremely chunky. Not to mention that Giuseppe’s Platform booties are only 695$ compared to CL’s Daf booties which are almost double the price at 1295$ for the suede and leather versions (leopard print is 1695$). My heart is really itching to buy them NOW!!!

^CL’s Daf Booty 160 in Leather, Suede, and Leopard Print Ponyhair respectively.


Here are some of my other favorite Giuseppe Zanotti shoes this season:

I love these lady-like pumps in the first row. They actually remind me of Yves Saint Laurent’s Tribute pumps but again, there’s something about the small visible platform of GZ that appeal to me more than YSL‘s big chunky platform. As you can tell, I really don’t like it when the visible platform is more than an inch, but the hidden platform can’t be that big either (like CL‘s) which then makes the foot look big and clunky.

1-6. Buy through Neiman Marcus Online
7. Available at Saks Online
8. Available at 
9. Available at Net-a-Porter 


1-2. Buy at
3. Buy at Net-a-Porter
4-6. Neiman Marcus Online. Number 4 looks stunning – 1295$US!


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