A Possible Reunion with LV?

So I haven’t bought anything from LV for maybe 2 years and suddenly I felt the urge to get one bag that I’ve always wanted but kept on putting off – the Suhali Lockit PM in White goat leather – because the entire Suhali collection is now discontinued. It is such a shame that LV is doing this because Suhali was simply one of its most refined collections. I honestly don’t care about the other leather lines that have replaced it, such as Mahina, Antheia, or Empreinte. To me, Suhali had the utmost refined leather that was on par with Hermès. It did not have the monogram bling which was what I loved about it, but I guess the newer leather lines are preferred by the current mass of buyers who want to show off the brand with the obvious monogram pattern…

Anyhow, I was glad my old SA was still working in the boutique. She informed me that Suhali was completely sold out in all of Canada, including small accessories. I was very sad and angry because my only hope to purchase it will be on Ebay now. Nonetheless, I had to buy something to cheer me up, so I got a small little useless keychain:

Louis Vuitton FW11 Limited Edition Les Illustrés Keyholder in Damier + Lavender Calf Leather Combo



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