Haul Part I: Manolo Blahnik Shoes

I always go back to Manolo Blahnik when I need to rely on a good pair of classic and timeless shoes. Occassionally Jimmy Choo for a nice conservative pair at work, but it has always been MB – the man who made some of the most recognizable shoes in the fashion industry. With Louboutin heels soaring to 160s, I find myself more and more confused with some, or rather most, of his designs these days. Thus, I turn back to MBs.

The BB is a classic design with a sharp, delicate, and pointed toe, that does not protrude endlessly like some of his other designs… I’m not fond of very pointy shoes since this makes the foot appear larger, which is always a no-no for me. However, the BB is perfect with a relatively straight 105 heel and I LOVE how the vamp has a rounded square cut. I originally fell in love with this particular style back in 2009: it was an exclusive design for Neiman Marcus made with purple-blue satin and black lace overlay. To this day, I still haven’t worn it out yet, thinking that I’ll save it for that one special day…

Anyhow, I was searching all over the States for my size, which was completely sold out! Finally, when I was about to give up, I received a call from my SA at Holt Renfrew for their Private Shopping Night event. To my surprise, the shoes that I’ve been searching for all over was here all along and were available in my size too!


Manolo Blahnik FW11 BB 105 in Blue Suede Leather



Manolo Blahnik FW11 BB 105 in Burgundy Suede Leather



Group pic:


BB Collection Picture:

Far left – MB FW09 BB 105 Purple-Blue Satin with Lace Overlay 


6 thoughts on “Haul Part I: Manolo Blahnik Shoes

  1. I agree with you about Louboutins – although his classic styles are to die for, I have no interest in his crazy, wacky designs. I was just looking at Manolos a few weeks ago, and they’re so classy and understated. Btw, love the colours you picked out.

  2. haha please don’t! I have this crazy obsession and get highs from shoes and bags – they’re probably not good for my mental health LOL

  3. Thank you so much Cat! I try to stay with more classic designs, but I do venture out and get fun styles every once in a while 😀

  4. I really love the metallic BB’s you have!
    I’m thinking about buying them myself but the duties and taxes are so high when I buy them online. I live in the Netherlands and we don’t have a manolo store or a warehouse that sells blahniks… :'(
    You really have a very good taste!!

  5. Thank you Bettine!
    Yes the duties and taxes can add up to a significant amount. Have you tried calling some of the European boutiques? The black titanium version should be available for sure in London where MB’s flagship store is. Otherwise, I know Italy definitely carries MB. This way, I think you just pay the usual VAT? Otherwise perhaps if you go on your next vacation somewhere, you will be able to find these? Best of luck! 🙂

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