Haul Part II: My First Balenciaga Bag!!!

Sorry for taking such a long time to post up part 2 of my haul, but I got distracted with other things. Anyhow, this is my first Balenciaga!


Balenciaga FW11 Classic City in Argent foncé Lambskin Leather

I must admit that I was never really into B-bags and didn’t quite get the hype of them… UNTIL NOW! I know that Bal’s known for its colors and leather, but this bag was like nothing that I’ve ever seen before. From the moment I saw it, I loved the soft silver-blue sheen and the fact that it’s not so “in your face” metallic, even though it still belongs to the metallic family. Then there’s the bag itself: I was always a fan of Louis Vuitton‘s heavy bags, but that’s only because LV’s light weight ones always felt somewhat cheap to me. However, Balenciaga bags are light weight, easy to carry, molds to your body, and hugs your curves when worn over the shoulder! They simply stand in a class of their own with this casual flare of coolness. I think I understand the hype now! 😀


^I do wish that the lining was nicer. I’ve never been a fan of cotton, for the price we pay…


Now for some fun modeling pix!!! lol I think this bag in particular is so practical and wearable with any outfit that you can take it anywhere with you! From work, to shopping, to going out…etc! It’s definitely and quickly become one of my go-to bags for just about everything for wherever I wanna go!

Outfit 1 – Casual Attire (AKA my Jean-Paul Gaultier look lol)
Top – Guess sweater
Jeggings – H&M (very comfy faux suede material, I own 3 pairs in different colors lol)
Shoes – Christian Louboutin LE Ostrich Mad Marta 150
I was debating between wearing these shoes and my CL Circus 120 booties which would have been more comfy to wear, but I think the Mad Martas completed the outfit perfectly. 


Outfit 2 – Bohemian Look
Top – H&M
Skirt – Guess (I love the way the skirt flows with the wind!!! The beading and embellishments are amazing!)
Shoes – Charlotte Olympia Black Suede Dolly 150 


Outfit 3 – Professional/Work Attire
This dressy professional look is probably more “me” than any of those casual clothing that I wear above. When I go to work, I ALWAYS wear pantyhose or some form of tights, whether it’s nude, black, sheer, or opaque. Maybe I’m old-school (even though I’m very young lol), but I think my work requires being conservative and professional, even if pantyhose is not fashionable these days.
Top – Mango
Skirt – RW & Co
Shoes – Manolo Blahnik Blue Suede BB 105

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