Jimmy Choo Flats From NAP Sale

Jimmy Choo FW11 Whirl Flats with Croc-Print Toe Cap and Nude Patent Leather

I’m still not fond of JC‘s nude which is very dark and has slight green undertones, but for only 200$ on sale at NAP they’re a pretty good deal. The shoes are very comfy and fit me well. I like how there’s a rubber outsole and the gold metallic insole is beautiful. Had the toe cap been a contrasting color like black, I would not have bought them since this would resemble Chanel‘s flats. I find it atrocious to have bicolored shoes like that. This is not to say that I don’t like patterns and prints which are fine, just that when the toe cap is in such an obvious different color, it actually brings MORE attention to having large feet rather than what Mlle Chanel originally intended. Her thought at the time was that nude shoes help to elongate the leg while paired with a black toe cap from afar would shorten the length of one’s feet (she was never pleased with her large feet), which I agree with, but how often is the background dark or black?!?! Most of us wear flats in the day time now, so to have a black sploch on your shoes from far away looks bizarre imho. Sorry, but I’m very particular when it comes to feet, which theoretically, I’m on par with the Chanel philosophy, despite their end-product being far off than ideal. This is why I do not buy Chanel‘s shoes.


Sweater dress – Material Girl
A new dress that I got from The Bay for 20$. It’s 100% cotton and has really nice gold detailing at the sleeves! I also got some other stuff, including an AMAZING Topshop long black dress that will perfect my RO ensemble! Will post modeling pix next week!

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