Jimmy Choo – Summer Forever!!!

Jimmy Choo FW11 Phyllis in Black Patent Leather and Glitter Leopard-Print Wedges

Despite all the WTF bags and shoes JC has been producing these days, Tamara Mellon has at least done one thing right; ie she’s kept the tradition of making stylish work shoes, cute flats, and wonderful summer wedges and espadrilles. I can’t get enough of their wedges which is why I bought my third pair! Not only are they comfortable, they are very reasonably priced for well-crafted shoes for about 400$. You can often find them 30-40% off, which makes them even more affordable at only 250$. These days, it’s absurd how some contemporary brands have mass produced, machine-made-in-(insert your favorite developing country here) shoes that run in the 200-500$ price range. JC’s wedges are always my go-to shoes in the summer for a quick run of errands, groceries, or all day shopping! I’ve been wearing my turquoise Phyllis to death, which is why I thought the addition of a black pair would help to share the abuse lol.

Some women however, have mentioned that Phyllis and similar styles are made really small and cut into their skin. In defense, I would say that if they’re small, just buy the next size up! Problem solved! Now if you do have wide feet, I can understand how the vamp can be quite tight since they’re cut higher for a mule-style. The thing is that they’re supposed to be tight because there’s no other strap to secure your feet into the shoes! If the vamp was cut lower and looser, you’d end up losing your Cinderella wedges! Not to mention that you might fall, sprain your ankle, or even break your legs and hips!

These black glitter wedges are gorgeous IRL and they give you more height while keeping your feet comfortable all day. I like how JC has added a small metal logo in the back of many of their shoes. I think they started doing this last year? The logo is discreet and not blazing out JIMMY CHOO! That would be a major killer for me if JC went along the Tory Burch route… Anyhow that’s a whole different story! lol


Lastly, my small little collection of JC’s wedges and espadrilles 😀

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