Christmas Presents: Part I

The holidays are all about food and delicious sweets for me. I actually look forward to eating more than receiving tangible gifts lol. So my mom got me a bunch of stuff for Christmas including goodies from my favorite gourmet shop Première Moisson in Montreal. The boutique sells authentic French pastries and cakes of all sorts that your mind can imagine, specializes in bread-making (I LOVE their olive rings), pastas, meats, salads, lunches, soups, and coffees. You can dine in on your break for a little treat, come in for lunch, or order a cake and take it home with you on your way back from work. If you need to host a party, they will do catering as well! Price-wise, they’re probably more on the expensive side relative to other shops, but the quality is like none other.

Just an example of some stuff I got. I already ate 8 caramel cookies (the ones that my mom wrapped in cellophane), finished a jar of pear jam, and 6 other danishes which had to be ate quickly since they spoil rather fast.

Top left corner – Double Chocolate Diamants: Fabulous fudgey shortbread-like cookies
Middle – Dark chocolate truffles!!!
Top right corner, going down – Chocolate fudge, Butter fudge, and Griottines (chocolate coated cherries)
Bottom left corner – Caramel biscuits!!! My favorite!!! Once you have these, you’ll NEVER go back to other ones! You have to eat them rather fast since they get hard after a day if you don’t wrap them. Once it’s wrapped, they’re good for another week.

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