Christmas Presents: Part II

Links of London Charms:


My mom got these for me a while back and saved them aside for me. She also bought some cosmetics, body creams and scrubs from Laura Mercier for me (not shown). I love their Pistachio body whipped cream (soufflé) which has the most sublime, sweet, and creamy scent! lol Anyhow, reveals of my charms:

Love Note Acorn Amazonite Charm

The pic doesn’t show the blue-green color very well. It looks more translucent white here than in real life.


Gold Chopsticks and Rice Bowl Charm

This one is just too cute to pass. How can I say no to my Chinese heritage? lol I love little quirky things like this charm 😀


Lastly a pic of my mini Links collection,

2 thoughts on “Christmas Presents: Part II

  1. Hi,

    I’m a big LOL fan and would love to know where your mum got the gold chopsticks rice bowl? I’ve not seen this cute charm in the UK.
    thank you.

  2. Hi, the charm was purchased in Montreal, Canada’s LOL counter at Holt Renfrew. They still have several left a month ago. If you wish, you can contact them and perhaps ask for it to be shipped to the UK? Otherwise, I would try contacting LOL’s customer service in the UK. I’m sure they’d be happy to locate one for you! Happy New Year!

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