Christmas Presents: Part III

Mackage FW11 Liz – White Puffer Coat with Rabbit and Coyote Fur Hood


^Mackage FW11 Runway

So I mentioned that I despise Mackage right? lol Let me re-iterate since I’m a repetitive person: Mackage is not worth my money and I refuse to buy their stuff!!! I’m annoyed that their coats are no longer made in Canada for a company based in Montreal where I’m from (I guess I’m sad and angry since I know them pretty well?); for coats that are starting at 500$+ I also expect to have real down feathers like before because frankly I don’t care for their new high-tech Dupont filling; and lastly I think they’re too hyped since every other 20-something young adult is wearing it in Montreal. I do understand that the States and other Canadian cities aren’t saturated with the brand yet, but I hope you can see where I’m coming from because it’s really irritating to see every girl wearing the same thing as yourself!!!

Anyhow, clearly I did not buy this coat myself… lol I guess I don’t mind receiving it as a gift, especially since I moved away to another city where I don’t see Mackage often. I hope this post doesn’t come off being too hypocritical! LOL Sorry, I just have the same love/hate relationship as I do with Hervé Léger

I’m wearing American Apparel‘s glazed matte leggings and Giuseppe Zanotti’s Eva booties below.

The coat is very warm and has an inner vest-layer as well – but I still prefer down filling! I want feathers!!!

The collar is convertible from a shawl-like drape around the shoulders into a zipped up hood.


Usually I take an XXS with the brand, but I was okay with an XS here. Details include leather trimmings, tabs, and pulls. The fur is rabbit on the inside and coyote on the edge of the hood/collar. I don’t understand why the rabbit fur is from China, I think it should be Canadian origin as well like the coyote trim. It’s not like rabbits are a scarcity since they’re one of the best reproducing species that exists. We all know about Fibonacci‘s rabbits, right?



Other modeling pix:


^Revolve Clothing


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