Pigalle Plato – Take 2!

I am ashamed to say that as an avid CL fan, I do not own his most famed shoe – The Pigalle 120! This is because of 2 reasons, (1) my size is always sold out and (2) it’s a classic so I keep putting it off for more limited seasonal styles. So I was determined to purchase the Pigalle 120 (in black patent leather only) this season since nothing else really interested me.

Then as I was stalking LVR, they had the Pigalle Plato 120! For those who are unfamiliar with the two styles, the main difference is that Pigalle Plato has a 20mm platform, making the pitch less steep at the equivalent of a Pigalle 100, and is thus more comfortable to wear. Plus, given that it’s from LVR, I get the advantage of free shipping and inclusive duties and taxes which are major savings of about 300$. I immediately decided to make the purchase. Within 4 days, all 20 pairs on LVR were completely sold out! I guess CL is becoming more and more popular these days…

Anyhow, when they arrived, they were perfect! The fit was just right from my estimate relative to my first pair of Pigalle Plato 140 in nude glitter, which was too big on me. If you are unaware of CL’s sizing, Pigalle Plato 140 translates to sizing like that of a Pigalle 120; and Pigalle Plato 120 is like that of Pigalle 100. Now Pigalle 120 is half size larger than Pigalle 100, which is half larger to Pigalle 85, which tends to be more true to US sizing. I hope you got that several levels of conversion, because that’s what I do everytime whenever I make my purchases online lol. I’ve gotten my shoe conversions right EVERY time, except once with my first pair of Pigalle Plato after being pushed by an SA who probably just wanted to make the sale since the size I wanted was not available.

Please welcome these amazing, sexy, and classic shoes:

Christian Louboutin SS12 Pigalle Plato 120 in Black Patent Calf Leather


^For some CL shoes, this elastic band is inserted at the back to prevent heel slippage.


Modeling pictures:


Outfit 1: Conservative
– Dress: Mexx
– Belt: H&M
– Pantyhose: Calvin Klein


Outfit 2: Going out!
Dress – H&M (got this for only 15$!!!)


Comparison pix between Pigalle Plato 100 in Black Patent and 120 in Nude Glitter:
N.B.: The nude glitter was bought half size too large, so the heel height is also slightly higher (probably 2mm) than if I bought the right size.


Pigalle problems:
Many women have issues wearing this style because the toe box is very narrow and the shoe has a very low cut all around revealing a lot of foot cleavage that would make one’s toes seem squished if you had wide feet. Not only so, the sides are also low cut resulting in what I call “side-overhang” if you have a lot of loose skin or just have more “meat” on your feet. I have seen some really bad pictures of women who have big or wide feet trying to squish them into these shoes… I understand that one may *love* this style since it’s really sexy, but I think some people just don’t get it realistically that they don’t look good in them. Same thing with clothes, especially Hervé Léger dresses – I see women trying to buy clothes that are so tight that I fear the dress would rip apart!

Anyhow, here are a couple of detailed pix to show that
(1) Toe cleavage is fine, but they shouldn’t look so squished that they’re about to fall off from lack of circulation;

(2) and “side-overhang” is NOT presentable (think of side or bottom cleavage which is really skanky with a bikini)!!!

^See, no “side-overhang” 😀


Lastly, since we’re talking so much about Pigalles, I’m going to exhaust all my talk on this style lol. The style above is called Sex 120, but it’s basically a Pigalle with the strassed letters “SE” written on the right shoe and “EX” on the left shoe.

I have a few questions to M. Louboutin:

1. So for a couple of extra crystals and lettering, the price goes from 695$ to 1395$?!??! I’m sorry, please explain to me the logistics here cuz doubling the price is just insane to me.
3. SEX?!?!? Really? Why on earth would a woman want to wear anything that says SEX on it???

They say sex sells, but clearly for the last month or so since these shoes took their debut on NAP, they did not sell a single pair. I don’t know what M. Louboutin is thinking these days. Some of his flamboyant and frivolous styles really make me question whether they were carefully thought out designs OR just the fact that he’s at the peak of his career and can do whatever he wants…

10 thoughts on “Pigalle Plato – Take 2!

  1. Yea, I have the same take with you on the Pigalle Sex. When I first saw them, I went WHY?!?!


  2. Yeah, seriously lol. I guess people these days are more open to things than me. I must be getting too old haha!
    Thanks for visiting Dee!

  3. I am typically to blogging and i actually admire your content. The article has actually peaks my interest. I’m going to bookmark your web site and maintain checking for brand new information.

  4. You can ask for it at many locations: fine department stores, CL boutiques, or high end boutiques. There are also many online distributors. If you still cannot find any, it’s best to befriend an SA who will put you down on their waitlist. Good luck!

  5. Hi Cecilia. I’m thinking of getting a pair of pigalle Plato 120mm. What size should I get? I wear a 35.5 in pigalle 100mm and Bianca’s. TIA!

  6. Hi Apple,

    sorry for replying so late! PP 120 runs TTS for me, and it’s essentially the same fit as a Pigalle 100 – which should be your TTS. So I’d stick with 35.5, best of luck and happy shopping 😀

  7. Hi, I’m thinking of getting a pair of pigalle 85mm. But really unsure about size. I usually wear EU39.5-40, should I go for 40.5 or 41? Many thanks

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