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Aminaka Wilmont is the new designer duo whose designs first caught my eye last season with their “Totem” Collection for FW11. As I was searching for Rick Owens leather jackets, AW’s shearling-suede jacket stood out amongst my search of many other better known luxury houses including Burberry, Balenciaga, Alexander McQueen…etc. The Toscana jacket was impeccably well-made, tailored to perfection, and had that same glam-rock-grunge vibe that I love these days. No doubt, their style is very much like Rick Owens, including asymmetric cuts, body conscious tailoring, and luscious leather jackets! AW does have more girly-glam and experiments with pretty prints and colors, which RO will rarely attempt… but never say never!

^Credit: Net-a-Porter

Unfortunately, the model who wore this amazing jacket on the runway was the least of my favorites. She could not strut on the catwalk. I have never seen anyone walk so awkward. Seriously? Shuffling feet, hunched back, rigidity, and bradykinesic face – as if she had premature Parkinson’s or something seriously doped up!!! You don’t see her movements here, but if you watch the show, omg… I fear for her career…

A couple of my other favorites from FW11. I always love the attention to detail – special contacts for yellow cat-like eyes, amazing manicures, appropriate makeup to suit the mood, perfectly braided hair, and did I mention the shoes?!?! So effortlessly cool!


A year later, AW reveals its FW12 collection which is inspired from “Yūrei, Apophenia and the composition of structures in glass, crystal and stone.” It’s definitely a very somber collection, but as always from darkness arises their creativity to make beautiful clothing with magnificent silk prints that they pair is so well known. I love the mixture of textures, silk, leather, shearling, fur, wool – what an amazing combination! The shearling vest is simply fabulous!!! Here are a couple of my favorites from today’s fashion show in London.


Lastly, a look at the previous “Psyche” Collection for SS12 inspired by Dave McKean‘s painting, illustrating modern surrealism.

The butterfly gown was gorgeous together with the pearls and sequins bolero which was also available in white below.


This collection reminds me of Psyche entering Cupid’s garden as painted by JW Waterhouse. I’m an avid fan of Greek (and Roman) mythology and would love to read more stories if I had more time, although I thoroughly enjoyed my Greek Mythology classes. Very intriguing. This particularly painting gives me many memories and for me, it represents the constraints that one holds against oneself, letting go of one’s vulnerabilities, taking chances and exploring a new world once a certain barrier is broken. The mysteries, excitement, and love that lead her to Cupid.


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  1. *sigh* Beautiful blog and very nice entry. You even gave credits to everyone. Thank you for that! The only sad thing is, that other people stole one of my artworks (you can click my “website” and will see what I mean that. It’s the second pic of Ariel and “stone-Eric”) ad uploaded it somewhere else. So, the credits you gave are misleading. *sigh* 🙁

  2. Oh I am so sorry! I know how important internet copyright is and I always try to credit the right person if the picture does not originate from me. I really did not know that the link I gave credit to was the wrong one. Please accept my sincere apologies. I had no intention of stealing your artwork, only to admire its beauty and what a fabulous artist you are!!! I will make the corrections right away and thank you so much for letting me know! 🙂

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