DIY Glitter Fix!!!

Recollections Signature Special Extra Fine Glitter in Champagne


I was roaming around Michael’s the other day after work looking for gold studs cuz I have this stud issue with one of my spiked shoes, which I have yet to do a reveal… Anyhow, I did not find the studs.

Nonetheless, I found the exact glitter that matches my Nude Glitter Pigalle Plato!!! There aren’t any patchy spots yet (after I DIY hairspray-fixed the shoes lol), but I have heard that the glitter may fall off with more wear. Since the Nude Glitter used by Louboutin can be found on many of his shoes these days, I thought it would be a good idea to share this with others who may need to patch up some spots in the future.

On a side note, can you believe that there’s no Michael’s in Montreal?!?! I guess it’s a good thing knowing that as a kid growing up there, I would have probably lived in that store everyday…


4 thoughts on “DIY Glitter Fix!!!

  1. Great find! I always wanted glitter CL’s, but was worried about the fallout. You just renewed my love for them!! Are you having a stud problem with a CL? If you call the boutique, they’ll send you replacements (=

    xoxo, LC

  2. Thank you LC!!! Yeah, with the glitter, now I’m worry free of the shoes going bald in the future hehe!
    Yup, I already contacted NAP/CL and my studs are on the way 😀
    Have a great weekend!

  3. Hi i googled how to fix glitter problem on CLs glad i found your blog i was wondering what glue to use for the glitters to stick on the shoe? i use mine on soft grass so the heels were damaged rubbing the glitters..And im doing some DIY to fix it. thank u.

  4. Hi Kel,

    I would recommend using the same glue that one uses for doing acrylic nails or fake eyelash glue. Both dry clear and are also very adherent. Best of luck and thank you for visiting 🙂

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