Balenciaga Revives My Love of Goatskin

Balenciaga LE FW11 – SS12 Hamilton Holiday Collection:
City in Ciment Goatskin and Mini-Giant G12 Gold Hardware


Well this is an overdue reveal, but I have to share my love for goat leather!
I guess from my reminiscent Louis Vuitton Suhali days… Unfortunately LV discontinued this amazing line for, what I think, are all the wrong reasons to increase profit while cutting down costs and quality…

Anyhow, one day over the holidays while I was still on this  Bal-HIGH from my recent acquisition of the Classic City in Argent Foncé, I came across Bal’s LE Hamilton collection which renewed my love of goatskin once again! The Hamilton collection is part of Bal’s annual Holiday collection which uses more luscious leathers for more special occasions. They are more limited and trans-seasonal, often labelled to be part of the end of the Fall/Winter season and incoming Spring/Summer collection. The goatskin used this time is very thick, pebbly, and simply scrumptious – Just the way I like it!!! I particularly like how the color looks white from afar, yet is really a light nutty grey which means for careless freaks like me, I can put it on the floor or drag it around to dirty restaurants without a worry!

There were a total of 4 colors produced in the Hamilton collection:
Bordeaux – A beautiful deep burgundy red with gold hardware
Ciment – Nutty Grey as seen in my pix, also only available with gold hardware
Glycine – A very pretty lavender purple with silver hardware
Gris Poivre – Light taupe-brown with silver hardware
Rose Bruyère – Soft pastel pink with silver hardware

All the gold hardware are 18K gold-plated, whereas the silver hardware are palladium-plated.
Styles of bags available in City, Work, Velo, and Envelope Clutch.

This is also the first time that Balenciaga has used this new Mini-Giant hardware, officially called “G12” because the studs measure 12 mm. As of 2012, G12 will be REPLACING the original Giant hardware, which the company now calls “G21”since the older studs measured 21 mm. They will still be made in goldsilver, and rose-gold colored brass. I was never a fan of the classic Giant hardware, so I’m loving the smaller studs as they are less bling-bling.

However, in comparison to LV’s Suhali line, I still think overall LV’s had superior quality. Maybe the leathers are similar, but the finishing touches and attention to detail is just on a different level with LV. Unfortunately, I find Bal’s hardware to be kinda cheap… Upon close inspection, the brass almost looks like plastic to me… On the other hand, Bal’s REGULAR hardware, made of nickel, is much more sturdier than the Giant hardwares. LV also had 2 kinds of brass, the cheaper kind that would easily chip and the nice shiny polished kind which I loved on the Suhali items.

Anyhow, less ranting and more pictures!!! 


Last, but not least, modeling pictures!!! 😀
Blazer – Urban Outfitters
Tank – H&M
Leggings – H&M
Shoes – Prada Deerskin Platform Boots 

^Sofia Vergara with Hamilton City in Burgundy

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  1. hey cecilia…very nice to meet u here. my name is lorraine, and i’ve been enjoying ur blog for quite a while. haha what a coincidence…i’m a fellow md who’s in love with louboutins as well as designer bags. i’m wondering if u have a fb account? maybe we could add each other 🙂

    again, very happy to meet u here!

  2. Hi Lorraine, I would love to know you better too! I’m not sure how I should search for you or how you could find me, but user id is Cecilia and I’m the one wearing CL Leopard Maggies in my profile pic. Hope to see you around fb soon! Take care and happy Easter!!! 🙂

  3. Hi Cecilia,

    I tried searching you on fb but there’s too many people. Do you mind giving me the email address you use to sign in fb, that way it’s easier for me to locate you. Hope to see you soon there! Take care!!

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