The Perfect Sunday

As I enjoyed the last day of my March break, I decided to do some more casual shopping after having my usual weekend Dim Sum. I strolled into our local restaurant at noon, my usual time for brunch, and I was lucky enough to have gotten there 10 minutes before the massive Chinese stampede of Dim-Sumers! Yikes! I guess everyone decided to go out on such a beautiful day. We have absolutely the best weather here and this entire week was GLORIOUS!!! I saw butterflies, geese, and other exotic looking birds migrating back!

Anyhow, here’s the little damage I did today:

1. Dynamite Blazers X 2 – on sale for 29$ each!!!
2. Dynamite Bermuda Shorts – 35$
3. Dynamite Skirt – 15$ sale
4.  H&M Shorts – 29$
5.  Aldo earrings, ring, and necklace – 35$ total


More detailed pix of Aldo accessories:

Tiger ring:


Jeweled hoop earrings:


And this one is my favorite! Seahorse and starfish necklace! It’s so cute that my Kitty couldn’t resist playing with it too (he’s probably hungry looking at that fish)!


I also love this season’s soft pastel colors together with an ocean-sea shell-barnacles or whatever under the water experience! 😀 Here are two charming little sea-shell purses that I adore! The green satin minaudière is by Lanvin for $1490 and comes with a detachable gold chain with tassles. Charlotte Olympia has a similar black suede version for a fraction of the price at $545 and also comes with a detachable gold chain. In addition, CO adds a golden hair comb that fits snugly inside the pocket of the purse. As much as my wallet prefers CO’s version, I don’t really like how this purse is flat??? A seashell should be naturally curved, plus practically speaking, it will fit better in the palm of your hand as a clutch. Thus my heart goes out to Lanvin since the color and shape are just beautiful. Purchase both through Net-à-Porter.


Me with my new Dynamite blazer and H&M shorts:
Also wearing:
Sunnies – Louis Vuitton Obsession Rond
Tank – Dynamite (I really like this lace tank as you can probably tell by now)
Bag – Chanel SS11 Reissue 226 in Blanc foncé
Shoes – Christian Louboutin Bambou 140 in Leopard Watersnake


By the time I got home, I was pretty tired, which meant that I needed a cup of coffee!

I haven’t shared with you how to make Starbucks’ iced coffees, so here is the know-how:

Starbucks Tall/Mezzo Caramel Toffee-Nut 1% Iced Coffee

1. Place a couple of ice cubes in your cups and add your Caramel and Toffee-Nut syrups (or whatever other syrup you prefer).

You’ll need about 2 tsp of syrup per cup. By Starbucks’ standards, the ice should fill up 1/3 of your cup… I don’t do this, cuz the ice sorta dilutes the taste and they do this in the shop because they want to make more money from you. Milk = expensive and ice = cheap!!! I actually didn’t have an ice-cube tray, so I used a plastic tray that I found from one of these chocolate boxes haha! Whatever does the job, right? lol


2. Set up your espresso machine…

Maestro is curious too…


3. Make the espresso!!! Yay, look at all that crema!!! You’ll need 1 shot per glass.


4. Directly pour in your espresso and then add your cold milk of choice. Do NOT steam the milk! That’ll make your drink hot resulting in a latté… We’re making an iced coffee! 😀


Lastly, enjoy your coffee on a beautiful Sunday afternoon!

2 thoughts on “The Perfect Sunday

  1. Where do you dim sum? When I’m in Toronto I usually go to Rol San but if I could find somewhere in a more convenient location that would be fantastic!

  2. There are a bunch of pretty good ones on Dundas and Spadina. I would try to go around there and try each place to see which one suits you more. I personally think they’re all about the same. My favorite dim sum place is actually in Vancouver – Imperial Chinese Seafood. I love the setting there and how it’s very close to the waterfront! 🙂

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