Everyone Needs a Pair of Ferragamos – Women and Men!

Salvatore Ferragamo SS12 Baltica in Beige Suede, Oro Bianco Python, and Rhinestones

The first time I heard of this designer was about a decade ago when my cousin wooooed and ahhhhhed over a Ferragamo bag that her friend carried. At the time, it was the utmost designer for which a girl could desire according to my cousin. Since then, I’ve always admired the brand for its classiness and elegance. I knew I would own a bag or some other accessories from the house when I grew up.

Years later now that I’m older but still not fully “grown up,” my girly childhood dream has come true: I’ve finally found the perfect pair of flats and guess who they’re made by? Of course, Salvatore Ferragamo! I’ve always loved Ferragamo’s Varinas and various other flats from the company, but over the years, I’ve always been swayed by heels. I’ve come to realize that I have enough high heels in my collection and I’m actually somewhat intimidated by the super high platforms these days. My collection is really lacking in flats and more practical shoes. I prefer structured shoes that support your feet and I think they always look more put together with any outfit.

My new Ferragamos are definitely my prettiest flats!  I think it’s a fabulous idea to have the rhinestones sewn on AND glued on, rather than just glued on like many other designer shoes. Of course, this would mean more work for the artisans, but they would be less at risk of falling out which I know has happened to CL‘s strassed shoes. I also like how it’s just a bit of decoration with the crystals rather than the entire shoe blinged out. The suede is so luscious and soft too!

The only thing that makes me wonder about this shoe is why are the python scales laid upward???  I think it makes more sense to have them laid down… 

Btw, I’ve come to meet some classy gentlemen in Ferragmo’s dress shoes, and every time, I’m like my cousin swooning over them like she did with her friend’s bag lol. So yes, this post is also for the guys out there – DRESS TO IMPRESS IN FERRAGAMO!



Lastly, a tribute to Salvatore Ferragamo who was and still is the ultimate designer to realize every little girl’s shoe dream. 


Ferragamo for Dorothy’s Red Slippers in the Wizard of Oz


Inspired by the new American achitecture, Ferragamo invents the Wedge heel


Patent for the Invisible shoe made from clear strings



Another famous design, the Cage heel


The original rhinestone covered heel made for Marylyn Monroe in the late 50s, after being inspired by her movie Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

In the movie, the shoes were actually not completely covered in rhinestones. However they were still made by Ferragamo for Marylyn Monroe.


Marylyn was an avid fan of Ferragamo and had ordered various shoes from him. She had an array of flats made for her in multiple colors.

In the movie, The Seven Year ItchMarylyn Monroe wears Ferragamo again.


Ferragamo attending Audrey  Hepburn.


Ferragamo with Sophia Loren.



The Lady Claude in Fire Opal was part of THE original batch of strassed CLs for which I still have a soft spot cuz they resemble Ferragamo’s shoes for Dorothy and Marylyn. Nonetheless I find that all the strassing is really an overkill these days, whether by CL or fans who have all these DIY strass projects…



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