A Long Overdue Reveal!

Christian Louboutin SS12 Intern Flats in Black Velvet and Gold Spikes and Crested Embroidery

These are my first CL flats and you know that I must love them a lot in order to buy flats from this brand. I was soooooo excited to receive them since they’re so different and cool. I like how the studs are “minimalistic” and only on the toes. The crest is beautifully embroidered to great detail and how can I not buy them when they have my initials??? lol

So everything was going great, me taking a bajillion pictures, having fun changing my outfits, and just as I was going to shut off my camera, I stepped on something hard which almost made me fall cuz the red lacquered sole is so smooth. I looked down and to my horror…


WTFFFFFF??!?! I didn’t expect that a stud would be falling off in less than 30 minutes of me just walking around on my balcony on my FIRST WEAR!!! Yeah, sure I knew that a couple may come off eventually, but so soon?!?! I didn’t hit anything with it or fall or trip over myself, so there was no way anything traumatic could have happened.

So then I contacted CL and NAP who said they’d send me extra studs…

Ok fine, I will wait…

I was expecting maybe a month or two for the shipping cuz they need to order the replacement studs from France.

I waited some more…

I contacted NAP again by the end of the second month.


Still waiting…

Now I was somewhat irritated and I urged NAP again by the 3rd month 

Again, they dunno what was going on but promised to follow up.

Waiting and ready to blow some serious steam!!!  

At last NAP finally emailed back saying they’ve shipped the studs and wanted me to confirm that I’ve received them.

Ughh… Excuse me? YOU never provided a tracking number, YOU never told me when they were shipped out, and YOU never told me if you shipped out to the correct address as I had originally requested! And YOU want me now to say that I’ve received them already??? I don’t think so.

Omg… everything was such a headache.

Finally 4 months later after my original purchasing date, I got the studs last week. I’m sorry, but that is WAYYYY too slow. I am very disappointed that for DEFECTIVE shoes, things are taken care of in such a sloppy manner by NAP. I wonder if I had asked them to repair the shoes instead, how long would that take for them to send to France, back to US, then back to Canada??? A YEAR??? All this time I was waiting and could not wear my shoes out cuz of a stupid fallen stud.



Anyhow, reveal of my shoes, prior to finding out that a stud had fallen off:


Modeling pictures:


Outfit 1:
Polo – Tommy Hilfiger
Jeans – Citizens of Humanity
Sunnies – LV Soupçon Rond in Honey Glitter
Bag – LV White Multicolore Sologne


Outfit 2:
Blazer – Teenflo (it’s a beautiful lilac color, but looks more white here…)
Lace tank – Dynamite
Jeans – Rockstar


Outfit 3:
Vest and shirt – H&M
Jeans – Rockstar


Outfit 4:
Same as 2, but with LV Monogram Rock Shawl


More pictures:

^Sophie Vlaming – Dutch model wearing Intern Flats and Louis Vuitton bag


^Rita Ora wearing Intern Flats in Red Velvet and Silver Spikes and Crest Embroidery


For the men, CL offers an analogous style called Havanna and is available in an even broader array of colors and textures! You lucky guys!!! As you can see, the difference mainly lies in the width of the shoe.

^DJ Cassidy? I dunno who he is, but he’s wearing the Havanna flats which you can see peaking through at the bottom of the pic. Not fond of the suit, but I’m cool with the choice in shoes 😀

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