Luxury Skincare Only with La Prairie!!!

What brand do you think of when someone asks you about skincare?

The answer to the question probably will depend on your geographic location. No doubt, the Asian ladies will most likely say SK-II, the American women may say La Mer, and the Europeans will probably say some sort of home-made natural remedy. What do *I* say? Of course, La Prairie!!!

Now I’m not saying that the other brands SK-II, La Mer, Natura Biss茅, Amore Pacifique, Chantecaille…etc are not good. I’m sure they use top of the line ingredients, invest much into research, and are suitable for select women in accordance with their preferences. However for me, the epitome of luxury skincare is only La Prairie. Trust me, I’ve tried most expensive things that could be slathered onto my skin lol. At one point in my teen years, I even wanted to become a dermatologist.

I was very young when I first became interested in skin care. I started making my own masks from left over vegetable peels or whatever my mom thought was waste in the kitchen at age 10. By age 13, all my readings pointed to one thing – SUNSCREEN is the only skin saver out there, high end or low end, one must wear at least SPF 15 daily. In my late teen years, I wanted to become a makeup artist which I flunked out pretty badly. Then as I dove into my twenties, I’ve already experimented maybe 80% of what the current industry has to offer from all skincare and cosmetic brands. My final verdict? La Prairie won out of everything that I’ve tried for skincare and Chanel, Lanc么me, and MAC are my favorite cosmetic brands.

I think the biggest debate amongst us in North America here is women asking should I go for Cr猫me de la Mer or La Prairie???
My answer is simple: if you ONLY want moisturization, go for La Mer because this is all it’s going to do for you. All that nonsense about reducing wrinkles, fine lines, and minimizing the look of aging is just that – NONSENSE. La Mer’s products do not contain any form of retinol so where do you even get those statements from? Maybe fine lines and the look of aging are meant by plumping up skin from dehydration, but just about any simple moisturizer will do the job, and I would have to promote petroleum jelly here as the best lol. Also La Mer’s classic cream contains wheat germ oil which is comedogenic (ie causes zits) and broke me out worse than hives. It was only in the late 2000s that La Mer added new versions of the traditional cream in lotion and cream-gel types after complaints of pimples breaking out amongst younger women. Then later on, trying to target the Asian market, La Mer added their whitening line. Nonetheless, you only still basically have 2 types of products: Classic simple moisturizer or with the addition of whitening benefit.
On the other hand, if you want a product that not only moisturizes, but also targets specific areas of concern, then La Prairie is the king of the industry. Unlike La Mer, La Prairie has 6 main collections of products: the Platinum, Caviar, White Caviar, Radiance, Anti-Aging, and Advanced Marine Biology collections. 聽Then you have your choice of day or night cream, lotion, emulsion, gel, plus SPF all to suit your preference and skin type. In addition, each collection has serums, eye creams/gels, body creams/lotions, or additional targeted treatments for that collection.

I’m a person who likes to choose and experiment what is best for me and NOT what some sales associate tells me because, just like the way I have been taught to think for my patients who know themselves better than me, in the same sense *I* know my body best and everyone needs individualized treatment. Thus I don’t believe La Mer’s simple cream (no matter how you alter it) is suitable for *every* woman’s face. Then again, if you just want something simple and don’t want all the headache, go for La Mer or I’m sure any high end brand will do the job 馃榾

Here’s my haul of recent purchases:
1. La Prairie Skin Caviar Luxe Cream
2. La Prairie Advanced Marine Biology Emulsion
3. Lanc么me Mousse Radiance Foam Cleanser
4. Lanc么me Hypn么se Drama Mascara聽


1. La Prairie Skin Caviar Luxe Cream
For me, a quarter of the product is all about packaging and La Prairie always does an impressive job with everything! The signature silver box, the caviar blue interior lining, the little booklets that come inside, the stickers, the interior silver tissue paper delicately lining another signature silver cylindrical box which opens to reveal the ultimate feast within.


2. La Prairie Advanced Marine Biology Emulsion
I loved the original Day and Night Solution which was discontinued, or rather replaced with this emulsion. I have not tried it yet, but I hope the texture will be the same as the solution which was extremely light and watery. Summer is coming along and this would be great for humid weathers. Not only so, the solution was the most amazing base for my makeup application. It made your canvas extremely smooth and it was just superbe. Again, I have not tried the emulsion yet, but I will update everyone on how it’s like. One obvious difference from the packaging is that the bottle is now opaque rather than see-through before. I’m thinking maybe it has to do with stabilization of certain ingredients inside that may not be as photo-stable…?


A look at my La Prairie Collection:
Well this is what I’m “currently” using. In the past, I’ve also bought the Cellular line of eye cream, Radiance eye cream, Revitalizing Eye Gel, Anti-Aging moisturizer, Anti-Stress and Whitening Spot moisturizer to name a few.


My Skin Caviar Luxe collection of Moisturizer, Firming Complex Serum, and Eye Cream.


The Serums: Marine Biology Emulsion, Caviar Firming Complex, Cellular Anti-Spot Brightening Serum, and Retexturizing Booster. Each one of the latter 3 is simply a DELICACY!


My Cellular line of products: Foam Cleanser, Hand Cream,聽Body Emulsion, and Treatment Loose Powder.
Now I need to rave about the hand cream. Yes, it’s expensive at about 125$ but sooooooo worth it! My hands are completely moisturized after a day of using this stuff and even if I wash my hands, the product seems to still work its magic unlike any other hand cream! Not only so within 10 seconds of putting it on, it literally dries instantly so if you hate greasy hands like me, this cream is a MUST!


This loose powder is probably the best out there on the market with absolutely the finest mill. I hate it when powder looks cakey and DRY on your skin, but this powder is something very special. Not only does it make your face baby soft with all it’s nourishing ingredients, it also smooths out every fine line, and not matter how much you pile on top, it never looks dry or cakey!!! The powder is probably the only thing that La Prairie gives generously lol cuz it’s in a large container, PLUS you get a small travel size compact powder on the go!


Lastly I forgot to show you guys all my samples that I got today lol

–聽Lanc么me Flash Bronzer Gel
–聽Lanc么me Bifacil Eye Makeup Remover
–聽Lanc么me Blush Subtil in Vieux Rose
Lanc么me Juicy Tube in Spring Fling
Lanc么me聽聽Visionnaire Serum
–聽Lanc么me Absolue Moisturizer
Lanc么me Eyeshadow Palette

29 line of skincare samples (cleanser, serum, eye emulsion, and moisturizer)
Natura Biss茅 Glycoline Extreme Peel
La Prairie The Oil Controller Serum X 2 (love this stuff, but don’t think it’s worth it to buy the full product…)

27 thoughts on “Luxury Skincare Only with La Prairie!!!

  1. FABULOUS haul! Oh my…I cannot even IMAGINE!!
    Are you studying dermatology? Your skincare routine is so inspiring!

  2. hehe no, unfortunately once I really got into the realm of derm, it was just wayyy too much memorization of 2000+ odd skin conditions that I failed to understand lol
    but thank you for visiting my blog! Hope to see you around some more Darbi! Take care 馃檪

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    you made running a blog glance easy. The entire glance
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  4. I recently bumped into La Praire at Nordstrom in Chicago. I was impressed at how my skin felt after th application of a few items I needed. (Not to mention how fantastic the rep was – she didn’t push anything on me). I bought Lipstick,” BB ” cream, eye serum, and night moisturizer. After taking it home I read the ingredients closely and saw a lot of parabens in the ingredients. Can you give me your insight on that? I know creams need preservatives for shelf life – but how much is to much? Thank you.

  5. Hi, I am by no means a chemical expert, but I believe there are different forms of parabens with methylparaben and butylparaben being non-harmful to the skin. You are absolutely right for having concerns regarding such preservatives. I do think that they are near the end of the ingredient list, which is organized by % contained in each product. So for ingredients higher up on the list, they consist of the majority of the product, whereas the ones lower down on the list are minimal. Perhaps, this can be of some reassurance? Also many other brands use these same preservatives. Hope this helps 馃檪

  6. Hello cecilia,

    Love your blog, just discovered it. I have an obsession with skincare products that seem to be similar to ones you like. I have just started using the La Prairie concealer, did you like it? cause in my case it doesn’t seem to last very long. And I bought it cause it had skincare benefits too.

  7. Sorry, I’ve never really tried LP’s concealer. Overall I’m not a big fan of their makeup as much as I love their skincare line. I don’t know if it would help but perhaps if you try setting the concealer with a bit of powder it may last longer? Best of luck!

  8. hello.
    i started using la prairie platinum moisturizer for years in my late 20’s. then i switched to lower cost skincare lines such as sisley(great product line), revive, natura bisse, orlane, cle de peau, you get the drift.

    now that i’ve gotten older i am back with la prairie and to the girl who mentioned a pleasant experience at nordstrom chicago, yes, la prairie specialist is Ayla and i have followed her from saks. always request samples, ayla is very generous. the sample size you can carry on your luggage. if you pack your reg size regimen you’d have to check your bag. i only carry on so samples help.

    my experience with lp’s concealer (the one that comes attached to their bottle of foundation), is hands down the best cover up i have ever ever used. the trick is, use the small brush on all blemishes, use a very light hand, it blends right into face, unbelievable. now, if you apply too much and want to blend it in more, tap spot lightly a few times exactly on same spot. do not rub b/c you will just move the concealer off the blemish. this will last you for about 5 years. the foundation that comes with it i find is a little heavy for my comfort. but hell, someday when i’m 70 i’ll probably be using it!
    i used to hang out in grunge attire with holes in my jeans and that aged look. i asked my parents how people seem to know i’m not homeless but well provided for. they replied, if your hair, skin and teeth look great nothing else matters (hence how great models look in gap ads wearing undershirt and denims), you can adorn yourself with 15k and walk out the door but you cannot conceal bad skin, teeth and unhealthy broken limp hair.

    just some thoughts i thought i would share 馃檪

  9. Thank you Anya for sharing your wonderful experience with LP! Will certainly drop by the Chicago LP counter next time!

  10. Can you tell me if Sublimage and LaPrairie are made by the same company?
    A salesperson told me that, but I have not been able to find out if it’s the truth.

  11. Hi Elizabeth,
    I highly doubt that and believe the salesperson is wrong. S/he was probably just trying to push you to make a sale. La Prairie and Chanel are both privately owned and have their own labs to make the products. I’m not too familiar with Sublimage, but the line could be researched in Switzerland, but even so they’re owned by different companies. And Sublimage is no where near the formulations of La Prairie, which is considered to be “advanced dermatology.” The majority of skincare companies are just industrial standards, but only a few like La Prairie has real clinical effect. See here:

    From my own experience, I have tried samples from the Sublimage line and I’m not all that impressed. They’re mainly like a simple moisturizer. Even La Mer is just like a simple moisturizer to be honest. I would not waste all that money and if I wanted a regular moisturizer, Neutrogena, Aveeno, La Roche…etc all make great products. If you want a product that is top of the line, with real clinical research to back it up, go for La Prairie or Revive.

    Happy shopping!

  12. Hi,

    Loved your collection. Can u pls suggest if LP is suitable for women in their 30s? If yes, which segment in their range? Caviar? Or is it for older age?

    I m in my 30 and thinking to discover this brand. I have an oily/sensitive skin with visible pores. Right now I am using products from perricon md

    Also, I am afraid incase I stop using their products , will my skin go bad as the skin might get used to of such ingredients which might not be present in lower end brands creams n serums.

    Thanks for your help

  13. Hi Anna,

    Yes, I think LP is suitable for all ages and starting in your 30s is a great time to explore the diversity of the brand. I would recommend trying their Ice Crystal dry oil mixed with their cream. They are light weight and readily absorbed. The Anti-Aging line is also great and I use this myself at night in the summer. My personal favourite is the White Caviar collection which I find better than the original Caviar collection.
    Hmmm… I would not think that by stopping to use their products would result in any negative effects. It’s like saying, you’ve been on a good diet with lots of fruits and veggies, but you stop eating these foods and go back to eating fast food. You will have health problems because of the unhealthy diet after, but not exactly because of your choice of stopping or your body becomes dependent on the previous diet and goes into “withdrawal.”

  14. That makes lot of sense 馃檪 will it give any long term skin benefits or is it only till the time u are using their range?

  15. I think as much as we all wish that luxury skincare lines can offer continued benefits, I think realistically they’re short lived. The benefits including those that claim to modulate the genetics of skin cells will only be that of the life cycle of that skin cell, mostly in the epidermis. Our skin is based on a “renewal cycle” from the basal cells where new skin cells are generated. These cells get pushed up the various layers and then sloughs off. There is no skincare line in the market that can affect the basal cells. Only prescription drugs and certain medical and light procedures will affect this layer.
    I often rave and go on frivolously talking about how wonderful some cosmetics/skincare products are, but I am still in-tune with my scientific/medical awareness. Different brands will always claim certain things, but there is no miracle. I think people need to make well informed decisions that although we pay a lot for X, Y, Z, at the end of the day I would not expect anything extraordinary.

  16. Hola Cecilia, is La prairie still your main skin care line? Ive just started using the blue caviar collection, and not sure it its the eight choice for me. I am in my early 50s , so i need lift and firmness. The lady at the natura bisse suggested i would be better off with their product. Thanks. 馃檪

  17. Hi there Patricia,

    Yes, I still use La Prairie. I’ve tried more recently Natua Bisse, Revive, SKII, AmorePacific, and Cle de Peau – I was not really impressed by any of them. Have you tried combining your current products with their newer Skin Caviar Luxe Sleep Mask? This uses a “newer technology” as per one of the LP reps and is very different from the rest of the collection, and I agree. I think this is a miracle product for me and actually gets absorbed into the skin really well, whereas the rest of the Blue Caviar collection is indeed LP’s oldest and original line of luxury products, so the molecules are bigger which can end up just “sitting” on top of the skin. Aside, the Radiance collection (love the eye cream!) and White Caviar (face cream) collections are also my favourites. Good luck!

  18. Hi Cecilia,
    Pls recommend the best eye cream of all La prairie collections. I am 33 years old and I am triyng to cope with problematic eye zone! Till now i am using Clinique, Clarins etc. but now I am decided to spend more money for an eye cream and I need your advice.

  19. Hi you had tried la prairie white caviar illuminating cream !!!!!but I am very confused to chose white caviar cream or not because it may be thick and can it cause break outs because of its rich texture!!!!!!!!!i am 19 years old but I had heared that la prairie is for mature skin!!!!!!is that true?my concern is a moisturiser for whitening of skin and to fade any scar from pimple !!!!!!!acording to LP website white caviar cream is also for firmer skin ,that’s not mine concern.? What should I do?please guide me in detail I am very much worried!!!!!according to your above reply u had tried white caviar illuminating cream how u found this cream?is it strongly fragranced?can a teenager use this cream? I had not tried LP earlier so I am confused please guide me in detail!!!!!!!I shall be very thankful to u after this help!!!!!!please reply me as soon as possible

  20. I recently reached a milestone birthday – Thank God – and noticed a significant change in my skin. I mentioned this to my cosmetic agent at Neiman Marcus and she immediately introduced me to Orlane. I used the neck creme for many months , but it wasnt until I was given a La Prarie facial during a Beauty Event that I realized that La Prarie was the line for me! I love the neck creme and the night face creme. Ill purchase the eye creme and probably try the caviar line cremes. I do t mind paying for a product that works.
    Im hooked!

  21. Hi Liza, it can be very overwhelming with all the different products available these days. I would say that in general LP is indeed more famous for their collection of products targeted toward women >30 years of age. However age is not the only factor, it’s what factors your skin needs. For eg. I have a very busy work life and for many years only slept a few hours a day, in comparison to other young adults of the same age as me, my lifestyle was 10 years ahead of theirs. So I personally don’t think that it’s all about the chronological age, but what your skin needs. It’s perfectly fine to go for products by LP if you understand your skin’s needs. In fact, the retinoids in the products targeted toward more “mature” skin is probably advantageous for those who also have acne (which I did have as well). Retinoids help with “anti-aging” and wrinkles by peeling the skin’s epidermis, which is the same principle as mod-severe treatments for acne eg. Accutane and various retin topical creams/gels. Nonetheless, the majority of young adults may not need as advanced skincare. However LP does offer some very good simple moisturizers which I love as well from their Marine Biology line. Hope this helps 馃檪

  22. Hi Irena, I would probably recommend any of the eye creams from these collections: Radiance, Caviar, White Caviar, or Platinum. They are definitely the cr猫me of all cr猫mes! And many apologies for the late reply!

  23. Could you show us a part of your faceskin after using such a luxury and expensive facial product?

  24. Hi, the immediate effect is that the skin becomes very hydrated and plump, which helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Also the feeling of your skin is very soft in the morning. I will try to take some pix when I have some time. Thank you for visiting!

  25. hi I am in my forties and just found out about La Prarie. was wondering if i should start using it.

  26. Hi, there’s no age limit to using any skincare product. Some brands/lines might be more suitable for certain skin types, but taking care of one’s own skin has always been a priority of mine since my early teens.

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