Stepping Out onto New Boundaries

Christian Louboutin SS12 Very Privé 120 in Python Fairy Tale Menthe Green


Next up, is probably my most “horrifically roaring dinosaur-like too early for Halloween” pair of shoes LOL

When the Menthe colorway was introduced this season, I was half intrigued and half disgusted LOL. Since I wasn’t much of a fan of the styles that would come out in it (ie Daff, Fifi, and LP), I didn’t give it much thought, plus neon green??? I’ve always been relatively conservative, especially with my clothing, so I would have nothing to wear to match the shoes! However, ever since I bought my LP in Mandarin Red, I fell in love with the Python Fairy Tale collections. I wanted more! However, I still didn’t love the 3 styles…

Then one day, some of the lovely PFers here who are so knowledgeable informed me that the VP would be released in the Mandarin Red! I didn’t know if the Menthe would be too, but apparently I was told it was, so I contacted my SA who said that indeed there was a Menthe VP but due to its limited nature, they were instantaneously sold out in my size in all the CL boutiques. I thought my shoes had slipped away… Then a week or two later, Neimans suddenly listed the shoes online!!! I would have preferred to have gotten a half size smaller, but whatever… They’re too horrifically amazing to pass!


Comparison pix to my Lady Peep in Python Fairy Tale Mandarin Red:


Lastly modeling pix:
I had a lot of trouble finding clothes to go with the color of the shoes… I’m usually not a green and red person, but since they’re compliment colors to each other, I figured that something red in my clothing would be most suitable.

Outfit 1: Casual
Sunnies (on head) – Louis Vuitton Obsession Rond
Watch – Toy Watch Heavy Metal Plasteramic
Silk top – Franco Mirabelli
Faux suede leggings – H&M


Outfit 2: Dressier…
Trench coat – Burberry
Flapper dress – H&M

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