Tiffany & Co 2010

I have a couple of rules for things that I don’t buy for myself.
1. Flowers
2. Fur coat
Disclaimer: I love all animals. I’m neither for or against wearing fur. Nonetheless, I do believe that every woman who’s into fashion *should* at one point have a great fur coat for wearing on really special occasions.
3. Jewelry
I’ll buy myself costume/cocktail jewelry, but never really fancy stuff. Thank God! Otherwise I’d spend all my days drooling in front of Cartier’s and Mikimoto’s display windows lol. Tiffany is okay. I don’t think it’s worth buying their cheaper silver pieces, but I guess it’s more symbolic and everyone equates Tiffany to love. For me, Cartier’s stuff is the epitome of superiorly crafted jewelry. No diamond of the same grade and cut shines like Cartier’s to the point that it seems like it’s floating! Even Cartier’s non-diamond pieces are just amazing and there’s a clear difference compared to Tiffany’s silver imo. The only Tiffany pieces that are really captivating to me are their yellow diamonds. I saw a girl with Tiffany’s Sola Fancy Yellow Diamond engagement ring, and she looked absolutely wonderful! Stunning, fabulous ring on a beautiful girl đŸ™‚

I had a couple of pretty nice Tiffany pieces, of course gifts from people, but most I either gave away or returned back to the person. I just don’t think it’s right to keep other people’s stuff especially if it’s quite valuable. I know a handful of girls who would try to mooch expensive stuff from their bfs… I can’t even begin to describe my disapproval…

Anyhow, below are stuff that I bought myself:

Tiffany Crown Key Pendant

– Purchased in 2010 for my cousin
– Specs: 0.13 TC, 18K Rose Gold, 1 inch length of pendant, and paired with 18 inch Rose Gold chain

I can’t speak that much for Tiffany’s jewelry, but I am amazed by the quality of their new leather collection. I’m gonna just cut and paste what I wrote on the Purse Forum under my tPF member name CEC.LV4eva cuz I blurbed a lot and don’t feel like re-writing everything LOL.

“I have much praise for Tiffany’s new leather goods collection […]. However, I’m surprised to see some people saying that the handbags and accessories are “not worth it” or “over-priced.” Honestly, I haven’t seen a better designer collection out these days, but Tiffany’s leather goods have blown me away. I traveled all the way to the States (Boston) this summer because Canada won’t be getting the line in until later (and 5 months later, we still don’t have them…) just to take a better look at them IRL and they were magnificent in quality and detail.

The collection is by the designers from Lambertson & Truex, which Tiffany bought over recently. All the designs are clean, simple, and at affordable prices. Now some people may argue with me saying they’re “over-priced,” and here are my reasonings for why they are not:

1. All items are lined in either gorgeous turquoise satin (evening bags/clutches) or leather (everyday handbags). Now I haven’t seen many *all* leather handbags with *complete* leather lining from premiere designers that run around 1K.
Take LV for example, much of the current mono and damier pieces are essentially all canvas with some leather trim and already it starts ~700$??? And nothing really comes to my mind for all leather lined LV bags… […] Don’t get me wrong, I have several LV pieces, but just the fact that leather requires more processing forces me to give extra points to Tiffany.

2. EVERY hardware piece is engraved with the company’s name and is polished and coated in platinum.

3. Most pieces are made in Italy. I think some others in Spain and South Africa for exotic pieces.

4. Attention to detail: smooth glazing, even stitching, pockets, zippers…etc

I hope this is convincing enough that Tiffany’s new collection is at least something to look into. It’s hard for a company to dive into a market saturated with logos and brands, and being the new-comer into the game, I think Tiffany has done very well in choosing classic, versatile pieces to promote the brand.”


Tiffany Taylor Hobo in Brown

– Purchased in 2010 Boston at the launch of the new leather collection
– One of my fav low-key everyday handbags
– Beautiful grained calf leather, with platinum coated hardware, engravings, and lined in turquoise calf leather.


Tiffany Continental Wallet in Red Crocodile

– Purchased in 2010  Boston at the same time as the handbag above
– It’s STUNNING! Though I’ve actually never used it…
– Lined in turquoise satin and red calf leather, platinum hardware, and turquoise enamel detail

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