All Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

Christian Louboutin Pigalle 120 in Black Patent Leather

I finally got the shoes for which I’ve been waiting 2 years now but couldn’t find my size! It always seemed like everytime there was a new batch of shipment, they’d be the first ones off the shelf in seconds due to the long waitlist. The last time, someone had snatched them right from my hands! I finally asked NAP to waitlist me. Initially they said no, they dunno when their inventory will get restocked, but then 3 days later, one of their reps contacted me and put a reservation order aside for me. I was working on call that day and the entire time my mind was thinking about the shoes lol. So as soon as I got home even after 30 hours of barely any sleep, I made the payment STAT! haha

Anyhow, these are not CL’s most lavish shoes, but they’re certainly the shoes that most represent his style – apparently Louboutin was following a woman walking in high heels like these in the Pigalle area of France. He followed her for several streets then found her to enter some alleyway or building. Then he realized that the woman was actually a prostitute which he has a thing for show girls and such characters.

The pitch is like my Pigalle Plato 140, but the sizes for all the Pigalles run TTS for me, unlike what other say about going half size down for the 120 pitch. Surprisingly, I think the 120 is more comfy to walk in than the 100 equivalent for all for pairs of my Pigalle shoes and the toebox is less narrow too… I dunno, I’m kinda odd? lol
No outfit pix yet… I have a special dress that I’m waiting for delivery to go with the shoes… 



Modeling pic:

2 thoughts on “All Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

  1. Hi Cecilia,

    I am huge fan of your website and appreciate all the information you you give the readers. I do not have any CL’s yet and I am trying to decide between the Brian Atwood ‘Obsession’ Platform and the CL ‘New Declic’. On your website you do not have anything of Brian Atwood or the ‘New Declic’ reviewed but do you know anything about them. I have been searching online for reviews of both but none of them really help me.

    I appreciate your great taste and any assistance you might offer!
    Thank you,
    Amber Tipton

  2. Hi Amber,
    Thank you so much for following my blog! You’re very kind!
    I did own the New Declic a while back, you can find my review here:
    I ended up selling these shoes because the light suede-like material caught dirt too easily. The style is actually really comfortable and I’d say comparable to Brian Atwood’s Maniac. I do not own any Brian Atwood shoes though, because I prefer the silhouette of other designers. Hope this helps, take care! 🙂

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