Valentine’s Day Revisited!

Roland Mouret SS12 Ezra Dress in Berry Red Stretch Cotton

YAYYYYYY my dress has arrived!!!!!!! 

^Credit: Net-à-Porter

So back in February when I was blogging about what to wear for Valentine’s Day, I picked a couple of my favorite red dresses of the season. My first choice was RM’s Ezra dress that really spoke to my style. I paired it with Louboutin’s Pigalle 120 (which I just bought as well). Normally RM’s dresses are sold out pretty fast in the smaller sizes, so I was super lucky to have snatched this from one of the European stores at a great price on sale.

The neckline is gorgeous, which I always love about Monsieur Mouret’s work. I dunno, there’s something about it being so sexy, yet very conservative at the same time. Unfortunately, I find the fit to be a little bit off. I did get it one size larger than my usual size which may explain the bunching of fabric around the hips. I’m a little self-conscious about it since my hips are a little wide. I definitely need to bring the dress to my seamstress to get the “crotch problem” fixed!!! Otherwise, I love the dress – and oh! – did I mention that this is also my first red dress?!?! I felt like I need to stop buying black and other neutral colors. Time to step out of my comfort zone and face my childhood fear of the color red!!! 


Modeling pix with CL’s Pigalle 120:


As seen on Kate Winslet for Elle China:

Maggie Q on the View?


Other colors available:


2 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Revisited!

  1. I suggest you also have it take up a little. It’s shortening you right now as it does past the knee…but even if that’s the style it’ll be more flattering just a smidge short…like your black one!

  2. Thanks for the idea, but I like the way it is since it helps to hide my boggy knees 🙂
    I actually prefer this length more so than the black Helena dress.
    My seamstress will be fixing the pleating problem around the hips though.

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