Dressy Work Outfit – Gray

This will be my new series of “Outfit of the Day” with various plays on colors and textures to make the perfect outfit! I will be featuring clothing and accessory items that will be suitable for work, dates, special events, everyday casual attire, or anything to be desired. Feel free to make comments or write to me for what you would like to see or have questions on what to wear.

My first post of the series will be what to wear to work. I do consider myself conservative in my everyday life, although it may not appear to be so on my blog, but I work in a very professional environment. A lot of physicians are extremely busy that they forget to “take care of themselves” (trust me, there are docs out there who don’t shower for days, don’t brush their teeth for 2 days, wear the same clothing for days…etc). I think it’s important to dress appropriately to work. You may not need to wear designer clothing, but being clean is essential.

My professional wardrobe is mainly of neutral tones: black, gray, and white. I’m not so much into navy and brown. I find it hard to match clothing with these colors and they tend to make me appear old… Anyhow, the following outfits are what I have pulled together for a dressier, yet still conservative attire, that is appropriate for work especially on a Friday for me or if you know you will be going out for an event after work. The center piece that I’ve decided to focus on today is a gray skirt. There are a lot of colors that go well with gray – blue, yellow, purple, green, and pink (latter not pictured). I want to show everyone that being conservative is far from looking boring or drab!!!

Featured items all available through Net-à-Porter

Jonathan Saunders – Doris Wool and Cotton-Blend Jacquard Skirt 720$
I chose this skirt because it’s got a mod-twist to the average gray work skirt. I like the small diamond pattern which doesn’t overwhelm one’s frame, yet adds a little extra something to liven the mood. The hemline is also slightly higher which is great for petite gals like me (I do not recommend this skirt on taller women though as this will look like a mini-skirt and thus not appropriate for work). Since the skirt has a wonderful pattern already, it’s a good idea to keep the top relatively simple. You’ll see that I play with various textures below which is always great for a chic look!

Faith Connexion – Metallic Chiffon Shirt 360$
Tuck this gorgeous semi-sheer blouse under the skirt for that easy breezy look to transition from summer to fall. The delicate nature of chiffon balances out the thicker wool skirt beautifully. The shimmery fabric is also very pretty and will catch the sunset rays as you head out for a couple of drinks with friends downtown after work!

Equipment – Silk Crepe de Chine shirt 210$
This shirt is similar to the navy blouse in that it’s also sheer which is a popular trend this summer. Bold bright colors are also in and this particular sunny yellow is sure to bring a bright smile to anyone’s Friday afternoon! The light fabric also helps to balance out the heavier wool textured skirt.

Etro – Silk Wrap Top 580$
Being a Rick Owens fan, I love this fuschia-purple top that is so reminiscent of RO’s work. RO tends to go with dark, gray, somber colors, but this top has the summery-ness that I crave! The pleating, silk fabric, and V-neck speak to my style and is sure to be super comfy! Do watch out for if you have large breasts… I generally don’t recommend cleavage at work…

Jonathon Saunders – Elgar Crepe de Chine Top 625$
The solid black base works well with the skirt’s pattern. Yet, a lively green vertical stripe helps to lengthen one’s figure and bring the eye on top. It’s light texture and sleeveless design is great for those very hot days. Do wear a cardigan or blazer on top in the office when the AC is blasting away.

Victoria Beckham – Victoria Mini Leather Work Bag 2950$
This is a gorgeous handbag for the ultra professional woman who takes command! She’s got attitude, confidence, grace, and is very business-oriented! Do not mess with a lady like this and her handbag!!! lol What I love about this piece is how big and spacious it is. The bag is fully functional and has got the perfect “doctor bag” look with a modern sleek structure. I will need this bag in the future!

Giuseppe Zanotti – Metal Heel Suede Pumps 650$
The moment I saw this heel, it was pure love! It’s got a bit of Louboutin and Prada feel, yet is so GZ in it’s ultimate style. The gold adds enough bling and the simple suede texture works well with the other items. GZ also makes super comfy shoes, so you’ll have no problems wearing them at work all day.


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