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My next outfit is going to feature a white blazer. I’m really into blazer jackets these days and a crisp, clean, and light weight one is perfect for the summer. White can be difficult to pull off, so I recommend mainly the primary colors blue, red, and yellow that look great with it. Of course, being the color that comprises of all colors of the rainbow, you can literally wear anything with it. I personally think of white as “prismatic” and like to pair it with its complement black. Avoid an all white outfit, in particular an all white suit+pants. I think it’s a very 80s retro-look that no one looks good in, not even the celebrities.

Featured item: Acne’s Tate silk-crepe blazer 640$

I’ve chosen all the items below which can be worn interchangeably from top to bottom. Remember that if your top is loose, the bottom should be tighter, so skinny jeans/pants are the way to go. Otherwise, you will risk looking frumpy all over. Another pointer is that bold colors are fine to wear for everyday, but keep it modest. So a colorful top is always a good idea to start. Then balance colored pieces with neutral tones.

^All items available through Net-à-Porter

La Petite S***** – silk crepe de Chine top 890$
This top would look great if you have a small chest or have a boy-ish figure. The pleating adds the illusion of curves and softens the overall look. Not only so, it’ll look great with any of the 3 pants below!

Kain – Campbell silk and linen blend top 180$
Yellow is always a refreshing color for spring/summer. It’s a bold color, so keep the overall design simple. Just a little pop of this color will liven up the entire outfit.

Day Birger et Mikkelson – Day Camille embellished satin top 200$
I like embellishments around the collar of any top because they help to bring the eye upward, which is great for shorter girls like me. They’re also great for those with a small chest. Remember to always wash these delicate clothing inside out. This is the only piece that I would not recommend wearing with the green printed pants since there’s going to be too much going on…

Helmut Lang – Asymmetric jersey top 195$
This jersey top looks comfy and cool. The green is also very wearable, and not a glaring neon color.

J Brand – 620 jeggings 180$
I’m always fond of dark-washed jeans. They make you appear taller and leaner instantly. Not only so, they can be easily dressed up with a nice top and sky-high heels. J Brand makes incredibly soft and light jeans that are suitable for wear in the summer.

Helmut Lang – Cicadae printed leggings 310$
You’ll notice that I also added a secondary color, green, because I very much like these printed pants which is a pretty huge trend for the past season. If you’re an adventurous gal with long lean legs, do look into them!

Emilio Pucci – stretch leather pants 1190$
I’m usually not a fan of leather pants, but these are so hot! Of course, I don’t think I can pull them off with my short frog legs, but if you’re tall and thin, these are going to look so fierce! I also love the side zippers that are cut at a diagonal to give the illusion of thinner hips.

Victoria Beckham – two tone leather clutch 650$
This woman is a genius in her own sense of style and started a great clothing collection with much influence from my favorite designer Roland Mouret. She continues to surprise me in her esthetics for handbag design. This clutch is simple but would look great with the rest of the outfit.

Rick Owens – leather wedge sandals 1345$
RO’s designs are always cutting edge. These cut-out sandals are low key, yet have that rocker-chic vibe. Do have nicely pedicured feet when you wear them and add a non-slip padding at the ball of the foot to prevent unsightly toe-overhang…

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