Tiffany & Co Bead Bracelets

Recently I’ve been really obsessed with David Yurman‘s jewelry… I’ll just say that my interested peeked when I saw a drug representative decked out in DY’s classic cable earrings, necklace, bracelet, and black onyx Albion ring. I do own 2 Albion rings in Blue Topaz and Citrine with diamonds, but now I need MORE!!! lol I’m just waiting for a major GC event next time so that I can get a couple of things…


Anyhow, things turned to me browsing Tiffany and Co‘s bead bracelets which I adore and sort of regret ever since I gave up a chance to purchase them in person. As you may recall, I bought the Sterling Silver bead bracelet a year ago, so I’ve been eyeing Paloma Picasso’s Blue Chalcedony, Multicolored Precious Stones, and Pearl bracelets. David Yurman also has something similar with their new Spiritual Beads collection, but after countless days of comparison, I went for Tiffany’s cuz they’re cheaper lol (which is rare)…

Unfortunately, the blue chalcedony and multicolored bracelets are on back-order. The SA I spoke to said they’d arrive late September to early October, but I’m guaranteed to get them. I’ve also asked to have the pearl bracelet to be engraved. I can’t wait to stack them all up (and combine them with my upcoming DY jewelry too! I know, DY and T&Co don’t really mix, but I’ll make them work out haha)
Here’s a preview:

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