My Birthstone – Citrine

I really disliked citrine (aka yellow topaz) when I was young. I thought it was the ugliest mucky yellow color. Yet, somewhere along my teen years, I’ve grown to love my birthstone, probably because my first real gift from a boy was a citrine necklace – not your typical weed flowers from a snotty kid… I like the warmth in the color of citrine and how it’s particularly beautiful to be worn in the evening when the sun starts to set and you get this golden glow from the gemstone. Not only so, it also brings out my Asian yellowness! 😀


Tiffany Sparklers 3.0TCW Cushion-Cut Citrine Earrings in Sterling Silver Setting

These studs are gorgeous with such brilliant shine! I am impressed by the craftsmanship. I’ve heard that David Yurman’s gemstones tend to lose their luster after some wear and it seems to be true. In comparison, even when my DY citrine ring was brand new, I don’t recall it having such faceting brilliance!


Shown on silver background now to better see the faceting shades of citrine 😀



Tiffany Sparklers 1.5TCW Cushion-Cut Citrine Necklace with 16 Inch Sterling Silver Chain

I usually like my neck bare and don’t wear any necklaces, turtlenecks, or even high collared clothing. Some may think I’m bizarre (hey, I’m nerdy!), but we all have a favorite muscle. My anatomy prof’s was the brachioradialis which quote, “this is the SEXIEST muscle on the body, look at it pronate and supinate!!!” as she held out both arms and started flapping them around. She was a bit nuts, but we all loved her personality haha! So I’ve found mine to be the sternocleidomastoid, which I think is really attractive on any women’s slender neck which should not be hindered by any kind of obstructing object. However, I highly recommend this necklace because it’s the perfect size for just enough bling. Tiffany’s is not cheap and I really do not understand how some simple silver designs fetch easily $500+++, but this piece is gorgeous and very affordable.


Lastly, a look at my mini citrine collection with David Yurman’s Petit Albion 7mm citrine ring with 0.2tcw diamonds.

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