Fall/Winter 2012 Shoes!

FW12 clothing has always been my favorite fashion season, including shoe collections because I love wearing boots. Whether they’re ankle, mid-calf, knee-high, or over the knee boots, I’m always in for trying them on when I go shopping. Boots are extremely versatile and you can dress them up or down. They keep your feet comfy and still look in style. Of course… with all this said, the only boots that I’m still not a fan of and will never be are Uggs… Sorry!

First for this fall before we haul out our real boots, we can always keep our feet warm in some cute flats. These slippers are a bit on the trendy side, but they’re so adorable! It’s a great transitional style from the summer sandals and ballet flats which can be a bit chilly to wear in fall. My favorite is Charlotte Olympia’s “Charlotte’s Web” slippers in red. They’re smoking hot!!! I love the crystal spider detail on one shoe – so quirky and fun. CO’s “Kitty” flats are also high sought after and have been sold out real fast every season. Miu Miu’s crystal adorned heel with crested embroidery is another fab option.

My two favorite boots this season are all accessorized in layers of fringe detailing. Christian Louboutin’s Pouliche is a great wedge boot that’s easy and fun to walk in! You won’t want to take them off! Brian Atwood finally makes a pair of shoes that catches my eye with a more cow-girl feel, but is balanced with the metallic leather heel which adds more glamour.

Lastly if you’re more of an ankle boot person, try Charlotte Olympia’s Lucinda booties. They look like killer heels but I promise that you will be blown away at how comfortable they really are! I can probably walk all day in them as the pitch is very forgiving. Try them on and you won’t regret it. Otherwise, for a more practical pair, Rick Owen’s Stivale wedge heels should always be a staple for fall and winter.

All shoes available through Net-a-Porter!

4 thoughts on “Fall/Winter 2012 Shoes!

  1. Hi Cecillia!

    I have a question. Since you are big fan of Charlotte Olympia’s shoes, how do you size in the Priscilla? I’ve heard anywhere from tts to 1/2 down. For reference while I’d say my CL TTS is a 37.5, I did take a 36.5 in my Picks and co 120 and apparently everyone took tts for Bianca 120 but I took 1/2 down to a 37. Maybe my feet are shrinking and are really 37s? Should I get the Priscilla in a 37?

  2. Hi Lily,

    That’s a great question. A lot of PFers have this misnomer when using the term “TTS”.
    TTS is generally understood as “true to USA shoe sizing” only, but it has been adapted to “true to CL sizing” by some PFers which is incorrect. When people do say the latter, they actually mean “true to CL classic sizing prior to 2009,” which is no longer the case because the company has tried to change its sizing to be more consistant with US sizing.
    So I would say that your Bianca is probably more true to US sizing (half size large for CL sizing) and that Charlotte Olympia’s Priscilla would be consistent with the same CL sizing here.
    Good luck with your shopping and thank you for visiting my blog!

  3. Hi Cecilia!

    Okay so I’m going to bite the bullet and go with the 37s (US TTS). I’d rather stretch a pair than pad them. I hate the feeling of “walking out” of my shoes. Thanks for your help!

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