30$ Off Bluefly + NM GC Event!

Hi everyone,

I receive a lot of coupons and promotions from all sorts of places and in the past, but I usually don’t use them. For eg. I got 2 codes for 10% off Saks recently, but let them all expire. It’s not that I’m being stingy for not sharing them, but I usually can’t make up my mind for what I want. I wait it out, rather than buying impulsively, but then I later forget about them.

Anyhow, I have another code for Bluefly.com:

30$ off anything, one time use

Expires Dec 31, 2012

Leave a comment here or contact me via email.

Note: I don’t check my blog daily, but I will try to get back to you ASAP.


Another great promotional event happening right now:

Neiman Marcus’ biannual Bet 2 Get Gift Card Event!!!

This is the event that I speak of so often. The flyer states that you need to buy a handbag or shoes + apparel item to qualify for the double GC. However it’s a lot more items than just this:
“Handbag” – actually includes small leather goods such as wallets, keychains, tech accessories for your iPhone/iPad…etc.
“Apparel” – also includes jewelry, scarves, sunnies, gloves, lingerie, hosiery, skincare products, cosmetics, and much more!
So you actually have a lot of choices to choose from!
The only designer exclusions that I know of are Christian Louboutin and certain Lanvin pieces, unlike Saks or other retailers that basically exclude 99% of sought after items.

*Important note NOT written in details*
All items must be in stock at the time of purchase, which means “This item ships from vendor,” Pre-orders, and Back-orders do NOT qualify even if the overall item is included. Eg. you want a jacket that counts toward the promotion, however your exact size in XXS is not currently available and is on back-order – This purchase will unfortunately NOT qualify, even if the jacket is, understand?
A lot of buyers get confused with this and will later wonder why they did not get a GC or the value is lower than expected, well this is often the underlying reason that is not specified in the details.
As for “This item ships from store” – will count toward the promotion, no worries here.

Have fun shopping!



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