“Mini” Reveals!!! – Shanghai Part I

This is part I of my trip to Shanghai where one of my objectives was to buy some Mini Bals which are not available in Canada. They’re absolutely adorable and ever since Bal had its recent promotion of a FREE Mini along with your purchase of a City, I couldn’t get the Minis out of my head. So on my first day in Shanghai, I went straight to the Balenciaga boutique and luckily they had a bunch of Minis for me to choose!


Balenciaga FW11 Mini First in Bleu Paon Lambskin:

This is a very cute accessory with a functional zipper on top to store a few coins or small bills. The front zipper however is fake and does not unzip fyi. The only thing that bothers me about this particular piece is that the leather is a bit dry… I will need to apply some leather lotion later…

^Reference: Background bag – Balenciaga Lagon City with RGH12 shown throughout


Balenciaga FW12 Mini First in Rose Thulian Lambskin:

This is my favorite Mini! I love how bright the red is and it just POPS against any bag you put it on. If you look closely, the clasp here is different from the previous season which was smaller and more flimsy. Now it’s definitely more rigid and also probably less easy to unclasp on its own with less risk of losing it!


Balenciaga SS12 Porte iPhone in Bleu Indigo Lambskin with Mini RGH:

I originally wanted something pink or bright as a small phone accessory but they didn’t have any. So I had to go for the RGH to get something pink! Btw, the zipper is fake as you can see in the pix. I do wish that they’d add the option of a belt loop behind the cover, but I’ve searched far and wide and no designer company is doing that for their phone covers!!!


Lastly, a group shot of my “Mini” haul:

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