Black Friday Haul II – Hermès Bracelets

Hermès Clic Clac H-Bracelet in Black Enamel with 18K GP Hardware

Like I said, when I like something, I will buy in pairs. After my first Orange enamel H-bracelet, I was hooked. It’s really comfortable and since I love black, I was bound to buy a black one sooner or later. Introducing my second H-bracelet…



Hermès FW12 Kelly Double Tour Bracelet in Black Patent Mississippian (aka American) Alligator with 18K GP Hardware

Then I got a third bracelet to add to my mini collection… Umm… this is one of those moments where IMPULSE purchases are so bad LOL!!! I could not resist getting it after seeing it right in my face… It’s rare to come by an exotic bracelet that I like and according to the paperwork, there were only 3 imported to the USA from France.


Lastly, a modeling pic of me wearing the bracelets (I take a XS or S in all the sizes):

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