Black Friday Haul III – Hermès Belts

Hermès FW12 Belt Kit 32 mm in Orange/Black, Togo/Box Reversible Calfskin with Polished Gold-Plated Collier de Chien Buckle



^Everything looks fab right? WRONG! I went home all happy… only to find out later upon closer inspection that the belt looks very SLOPPY in craftsmanship… Yo, I’ve had H&M belts with better glazing than THIS!!! In fact, the glazing is minimal that there’s almost none to begin with… Anyhow, I’m not impressed with the black overhang dye which runs THROUGHOUT the belt, not just the two locations pictured below!


Anyhow, here are some modeling pix. I will keep the belt for now because it’s hard to come by my size and colorway that I like. However, in a year or two with my wear, I’m definitely going to bring this back to the boutique to have the edges re-glazed.

Another thing is that I’ve figured out why H only puts in 3 belt holes, because they’re stingy and want to limit people’s selection and convenience. So that if a person buys the wrong size, they’ll often decide to still keep it, but then be still unsatisfied and they either bring the belt back to the boutique to get more holes punched in (which seems to be a hassle) or buy another belt afterward. I dunno, I don’t think this is very kosher practice… Smells like fish to me.


Also as promised, I have some belated mod pix of my previous H-belt in Navy Togo leather:


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