Black Friday Haul IV – Coated Jeans

7 For All Mankind The Skinny in High Shine Black


My other mission in the States was to get some coated/waxed jeans cuz they tend to be hard to buy for short, stumpy people like myself… Leather pants are really popular the past season and coated denim is a great way to fake the look. A lot of people don’t like leather pants cuz they can get hot underneath really easily, but for me, I don’t want to hassle with the professional cleaning.

So I was surfing the net and making my checklist of which jeans to try on. My usual fav brands are 7FAMK, Hudson, and CoH. This time, I had my mind set on J Brand’s two pairs, but when I tried them on… oye… they were HORRIBLE – tight, sloppy, ill-fitted, crunchy-hard fabric, and CHEAP looking. It was really per chance that I walked into 7FAMK’s boutique as they were having a sale and tried on one of theirs. I did see their waxed jeans online before but they are totally different in person. I thought they were too pleather-ish looking and too shiny as can be seen in the modeling pic. Nonetheless I was blown away by how good they felt and looked. Sleek, edgy, and such silky comfy jeans!!!

Point is – jeans are hard to buy online or by looking at pix. MUST SHOP IN PERSON! I need more 7FALM’s waxed denim now!!! 


Modeling pix:

Mango T-shirt
Hermès CDC Belt Kit
Louboutin Leopard Maggie

Rick Owens Shearling Lambskin jacket
Mango T-shirt
Hermès H-buckle Belt Kit
Louboutin Leopard Maggie 

And if we’re talking about jeans, I think it’s necessary to do a “butt shot” lol

2 thoughts on “Black Friday Haul IV – Coated Jeans

  1. Hi Bridget Ryan,

    these jeans were purchased at the official 7 For All Mankind boutique in USA. They were also available online at that time, and through various high end department stores e.g. NM, Saks, Bloomies…etc. However they were from 2012, so I’m not sure if you’ll still be able to find them – try Ebay or Bluefly! I’ve also replied to your email. Best of luck hunting them down!

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