The Tiny Asian Reaper…


Rick Owens DRKSHDW FW12 Reversible Lamb Fur Hoodie

This jacket makes me feel like an obscure reaper on the streets… It may not look like it in the pictures, but the jacket is HUGE and took me a while to navigate through the multiple possibilities of wearing it. It’s also my most HEAVY piece of clothing, it’s probably somewhere between 15-20 lbs as it weighs similar to my cat lol. It’s definitely super warm, and probably more warm than both my Moncler and Mackage coats combined. You really don’t need to wear anything more than a simple T or light sweater underneath. There have been previous versions of this jacket in black cotton/black fur and olive green cotton/brown fur, but I like this combination the best.


Style #1 – Fur side in


Style #2 – Fur side out with belt added (this is my preferred way of wearing the jacket to add some definition to my waist, rather than just wearing a bulk of fur)


Style #3 – Fur side out, but without belt


6 thoughts on “The Tiny Asian Reaper…

  1. Just stumbled across your blog and really loving your outfit posts, especially the RO ones! I’m lusting after this fur lined hoodie too but I’m on mat leave right now and can’t really justify spending that much money! Looks great on you though! Did you get it from Luisaviaroma?

  2. Hi Winnie!
    Congrats for your pregnancy! I hope all’s well and healthy for you and your baby! Thank you for your compliments, and yes I did get the jacket from LVR when they had the extra promotion of 10% off. After a few months they usually do another 20% off of the sale price if you’re interested!

  3. Thank you so much! I actually sold this jacket. As awesome as it is, it was just too heavy for me! I’m glad it went to a good new home!

  4. Dear Cecilia. Oh what a lovely block you got I would like to aske you if I may borrow you’re photos of this RO fure jacket, because I just got one fore sale in my 2hand store in Copenhagen Denmark ?!
    Positive vibes to you from Ingeborg

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