“French Candy Cane” Holiday Nails!

Every holiday season (or just whenever I have time lol), I like to do my nails to a theme. This year, I was going to do “candy cane” nails, but thought I would be more conservative and stick to a more grown-up French manicure style. You can’t see it well in the pix here, but the white tips are pearlescent, and not just a starky white. I really like Rimmel’s PRO line of nail polish. The brush is engineered really well and just “cups” my nails. OPI is also very good, but I find the brush hairs kink up really easily. Essie I’m not fond of ever – they seriously take forever to dry even with a UV dryer and you get bubbles even with one thin coat.

What you will need:

1. Rimmel Lasting Finish PRO nail polish in 375 (Stiletto Red)
2. Rimmel Base Coat Top Coat PRO in 100
3. Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen in Pearly White
4. Optional – Nail dryer (if you have one, if not double the wait time in between coats)

How to do it:

1. Start by polishing your nails to the desired shape.
2. Apply 1 base coat – this helps to prevent your natural nails from yellowing after a few days of wearing saturated colors.
3. Wait 10 minutes to dry.
4. Apply 1 coat of red nail polish.
5. Wait 10 minutes.
6. Apply a 2nd coat of red polish.
7. Wait 20 minutes.
8. Apply 1 layer of clear polish.
9. Wait 10 mintues.
10. Apply 2 coats of white polish to the tips of your nails, be patient…
11. Wait 10 minutes.
12. Lastly, apply 1 top coat to seal manicure.

Ok… it seems like I’m asking you guys to wait a lonnnnngggg time in between coats, but I swear, this is absolutely necessary otherwise you’ll end up with horrendous bubbles due to the manicure being too thick. As always, remember to keep each coat of polish as thin as possible. You may also find that when applying the last top coat, the red polish may streak slightly onto the white tips – don’t panic! It’s fine, just wait until this coat dries (yes another 10 minutes), and touch up the streaks by doing another coat of white polish. Finally, add one more coat of top coat to seal.

Tip – To keep your manicure lasting 5-7 days, apply one layer of clear top coat every other day. This helps to prevent chipping and keeps your nails looking shiny new. Don’t forget to moisturize your hands frequently throughout the day, and prevent chaffing with some cuticle removing cream or apply tea-tree oil around your cuticles.



Alright, I wish everyone a very merry Christmas and happy New Year!!! Take the time to spend with your family and friends, and if possible a nice holiday break for yourself as well! It’s important to take care of yourself so that you can enjoy the best time with others! I also wish everyone a safe holiday and be careful not to drink and drive!!!

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