Merry Christmas 2012!!!

Christmas is all about being with one’s family. Of course the presents are what the youngsters look forward to the most and I remember waking up super early 7AM in the morning to open my gifts when I was kid, but I really miss the environment in which I was in. My family never really made Christmas a big deal, but it was always one of my favorite holidays. I liked the fact that our small family could get together, I loved singing Christmas carols along with my Disney VHS tape, and all the TV drama series that my family and I would watch together.

Nonetheless, this blog is still mostly about frivolous purchases… so I’m going to do a series of reveals for all my Christmas presents! Stay tuned! I may seem like I buy myself or receive a lot of lavish items on my blog, but remember, it’s not what the content of the gift is, it’s the thought that counts! I always do appreciate a nice holiday card and thoughtful gifts are so much more sincere. And I just want to show a card that a friend had sent me recently which made me feel really blessed to know a person like her, as well as many others in my life. Please cherish all the people you know and appreciate one’s job, the abundance for food we have in our country, and the luxury of being able to live in a warm, safe ┬áhome.

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