The Workable Skirt

Roland Mouret SS12 “True Blue” Skirt



For a while now, I’ve been trying to be more stylish at work. I really need to incorporate some color into my work wardrobe, other than the typical black and gray neutrals that I own already. I consider this my “entry” skirt and I think I can make this rather fashionable skirt into a work skirt. I already own RM’s Herbert dress in a coral red/cream color from this season and I knew that I would love this skirt as well made of the same materials. I was also lucky enough to have purchased it at an amazing 75% off from retail price. The mod pix below are of the altered version cuz I had to get it hemmed. As with all RM’s clothing, they’re made for the 6 foot tall woman, that I simply cannot wear without having my dear seamstress work her magic.





^Outfit reference:
Mango top and cardigan
Manolo Blahnik BBs in satin lace



^Picture credit: Net-a-Porter Online



^As seen on Januray Jones in a rather distasteful way…

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