Prabal Gurung for Target SS13 Designer Collection

I’m in love with this PG’s collection for Target! When the collaboration was first announced, I was hesitant on the bright neon floral colors. There were a few pieces that still intrigued me, so as soon as I was able to get back from my work trip, I headed straight for Target. I think this is definitely another huge designer success for Target, but probably none will ever outshine the Missoni collection which I missed out on. With this collection, I was 6 days late. A lot of the good clothing was already snatched up and I had to hunt them down all over state going to various Target stores to try my luck. I was fortunate to have scored all the items below last weekend:




PG Short Sleeve Dress in First Date Print
Pointy Pumps in Nolita Print
I loved the look of this dress online but was weary when reviewers commented on the upper body and sleeve area being too tight. When I tried them on, I was surprised that they fit me perfectly! The dress is true to size for me, as with much of the entire collection’s sizing I find, and the sleeves are not restricting my movements at all. The overall feel is very light/breezy and would be great for spring!

PG Sleeveless Dress in Meet the Parents Print
Valentino Rockstud Pumps
The dress looked very boring from pictures online and I usually avoid these types of A-line skirts/dresses. I tried it on for fun anyways and was pleasantly surprised by how classy and romantic it felt. I like how there are 2 types of material in this dress – stretchy cotton and silky polyester.



PG Sleeves-T in First Date Print
Dynamite Blazer Jacket
J Brand Skinny Jeans
PG Point Pumps in Nolita Print
Not really sure about this top’s print on me. It’s kinda itchy where the mesh is but the rest of the top is super soft. I ended up returning the item…

PG Long Sleeve T in Floral Crush Print
PG Wedge Sandal in Apple Red
J Brand Skinny Jeans
I really like the top which is super soft jersey-like material. I plan to wear this to bed!
The wedge sandals were another item on the top of my list to get, but I was rather disappointed that they didn’t have the black/white version. I bought these anyhow thinking that I don’t have any bright shoes for summer, but ended up returning these as well cuz the ankle strap is seriously suffocating me feet. Really uncomfortable.



PG Tank Top in Meet the Parents Print
H&M Blazer Jacket
Danier Leather Ponte Leggings
Manolo Blahnik BBs in Titanium Black
I love this PG top! Great for work under a cardigan or jacket!



PG Pointy Pumps in Nolita Print
I didn’t expect myself to love these either. I just tried them on for fun and they were super comfy! Might be a fun pair to wear to work. The outside is some sort of polyester fabric material and all other parts are made with man-made materials. All the shoes in this collection are also TTS for me.



***Winning  Designer Look for Less***
PG Pleated Dress in Black and White

Manolo Blahnik BB in Titanium Black
Like I said, I wasn’t really sure on a few items. So I returned the red wedge sandals and mesh tank top cuz I don’t think I’d wear them. Instead I went on another hunt today to see if I can still get a few items before everything’s truly sold out. I am so happy to have found the last dress in the state that would fit me!!! The dress is 2 sizes larger than my other two dresses in this collection which were size 2, but I feel like this is the only item that was probably made small to begin with. Thus it’s only relatively 1 size larger. I wouldn’t say it’s huge on me, but definitely roomy enough to go on a date and still be able to EAT A LOT haha! This has gotta be my FAVORITE item from the entire collection. Black and white can never go wrong! I love the semi-revealing shoulders with this halter style without exposing yourself too much. The skirt is light and airy. The entire look is just gorgeous, definitely a winning design PG!!! I’m wearing Manolo’s black pumps to keep it more conservative, but dress it up with some strapy sandals if you want a sexier look.



PG Ruffle-Front Blouse in Dresden Blue
Rag & Bone Hyde Leather Jeans
Hermès Belt Kit
Manolo Blahnik BB again
Love this blouse! I would definitely wear this to work in the summertime.

PG Black Lace-Front Blouse
Roland Mouret Skirt
PG Pointy Flats in Black 
This is a great blouse. I love how black makes it so understated from far away and one may just think it’s a regular black blouse. However as you take a look at the details, you notice that the entire upper body is made of lace overlay on top of chiffon-like polyester. Not only so, PG vamps it up and adds the pleather details to the collar to give it some rocker-chic vibe. Any other color, other than black would not have worked for this blouse!



Details of the Black Lace Blouse and Pointy Flats:
The flats are something extra that I ordered online because they look like the perfect shoes for work. I need a pair of simple black shoes that I can beat up without having to worry about my designer shoes getting dirty. When I received them, I couldn’t be happier – they were exactly what I wanted! The “thermoplastic rubber,” or whatever synthetic material they call it, is again pleasantly smooth, chewy, and soft. Really comfy and I highly recommend them!


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  1. Awwwww I know what you mean! I’m also envious of some Asian and European products that are exclusive to those markets. I guess that’s why we need to travel and go on vacation more! Do come to the states once in a while especially in the summer and winter months for great sales! Take care and thanks for visiting my blog 😀

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