More David Yurman!

David Yurman Woven Cable Ring in Sterling Silver

I really love David Yurman’s jewelry for its practical luxury. They’re convenient, easy to wear for everyday, and perfectly accessorize your outfits. I like this ring for these exact reasons that I don’t need to worry about taking care of it that much and it’s fun to wear with my casual weekend clothing. This particular piece is also a pretty good deal considering how much silver you get and the price which is relatively affordable.





2 thoughts on “More David Yurman!

  1. Hi, the oval link bracelet is currently not available for sale. If you wish, there are many retail boutiques and online shops that carry this bracelet, eg. Saks, NM, HR…etc. If there are future items for sale, they will be posted under the “SALE” section and you can contact me by either commenting or emailing me, then we can set up the transaction afterward. Thank you for your interest 🙂

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