What Is More Expensive Than Gold?

Not diamonds…

Not cars…

Not Mastercard (cuz it’s priceless)… lol


Salvatore Ferragamo SS13 “Bali” Flips Flops in Loto Gellato

That’s right – I just bought really expensive rubber/PVC/petroleum based substance that is more expensive than buying gold right now on the market lol. When these flip flops first came out, I loved the look. They were so cute and I could see myself roaming around in them around town or by the pool side. Nonetheless, I thought one must be INSANE to buy anything more than 50$ for all rubber shoes… So I forced myself to ignore them. Later when they were nearly all sold out I regretted not getting them. Finally when Neiman’s had its recent gift card promotion, they suddenly restocked another batch of inventory and I snatched the last pair in my size in this amazing creamy nude color! I am absolutely in love with them now! Hey, I never said I was SANE with my shopping 😛






Modeling Pix:

I recently also discovered gel polish that gets “cured” under UV light in a matter of seconds. I decided to try them out with both a manicure and pedicure since there are so many different brands (Shellac, Bio Seaweed, Gelish…etc). On my toes in the pix below, I have the Bio Seaweed gel polish in Coral Reef (193). It’s harder to see on my nails, but I have a mix of Shellac’s 02 + 17 colors. I’m loving the long lasting, chip free, fast drying, and easy maintenance!!!




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