Rockin’ in Those Rockstuds!

Valentino SS13 Rockstud Flats in Patent Fuschia Calfskin

A part of me is a real girly girl and I LOVE hot pink anything, which reminds me of Barbies and candies lol. When this color came out, I knew it would be a hit, but I felt like I already purchased 2 pairs of Rockstud heels recently that I should pass on these. Fast forward a few months, Neiman Marcus just so happened to receive another batch of inventory when they were also doing their promotional GC event. I couldn’t resist and purchased these flats.

Comfort – Not the greatest… because the front is narrow and pushes my toes flat down when most shoes have a natural curve to allow your toes to angle up 10-15 degrees.

Craftsmanship – I don’t know what is up with Valentino, but this is my second pair with a CROOKED stud (as you can see in the 3rd pic of the shoe on top). My other Rockstud kitten heels also had this problem. That’s 2/3 shoes with defects = 67% prevalence! Do Valentino not hire quality control staff?!?!

Overall – I’d give these shoes 8/10 as the style definitely deserves extra points, but comfort-wise and quality both lose a point each.








Silk dress – Vince
Jewel necklace – Vintage
Enamel bracelet – Herm├Ęs
Crocodile hammered cuff – Raven Kauffman Couture
Crystal ring – Sorrelli

3 thoughts on “Rockin’ in Those Rockstuds!

  1. Wow Cecilia, these Valentino flats are stunning. You make them look absolutely gorgeous. What a rich color. You are so lucky to have small feet. I’ve stayed away from pointy flats cuz my size 10’s with the added length of the pointy toe make me look like a penguin. I do have a few pairs of pointy toed flats but none of them are anywhere near as nice as your. Hence mine get pushed further and further back into the closet. I don’t even have any good pictures to show you of me wearing them. I guess I could take some.

    I see you are a member of Purseforum, so am I. Perhaps we can hook up. One thing I got to ask you and I think you already know is I’m a guy. I hope that doesn’t bother you or offend you in any way.

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful style and shoe collection.


  2. lol Thanks Brian for all the praise. Yeah, small feet may look nice… but it can get quite irritating to know that I’m fighting with the rest of the world that has tiny Asian feet. Our sizes either sell out really fast or are not available. Yes, I’m a long time member of tPF. It’s a great community there!

  3. Hi Cecilia

    I have fancied rockstuds for a while and seeing them on you, I have decided to
    Treat myself

    Lovely review and I adore your style

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