Summer is Here!!!

Céline SS13 “Pouch” in Orange/Vermillon (27VM) Lambskin

I’ve been eyeing the Pouch for quite some time now, but I probably would not have bought it had I not had a really bad day. I went to pick up my David Yurman ring which was resized smaller. The ring was a disaster and I was so upset that they ruined it. However, this SA at Neiman Marcus literally told me to go and “live with it” because she has suffered from chronic back pain for decades and she had to just “live with it.” I wasn’t even that upset at first thinking that maybe we can just send it back to DY’s official factory for them to look at it because the resizing was done locally by a third party affiliated with NM. It was really this SA’s attitude, shaking her head, pointing at me, putting her hand in front of my face…etc. that had really disturbed me. Anyhow after the fiasco, I went straight over to the Céline counter. At first I really liked the pink/rust combo, but changed my mind in the end because I felt like the orange/red combo had more of a *POP* in color! Especially from a distance, the colors are just so rich and saturated. I was able to use my NM gift card with it too, which made the price very  affordable.






Comparison pix with Céline’s Large Trio:

The Pouch has the same dimensions as each of the compartments of my Large Trio. The differences are in the lining and zipper: The Pouch is lined in lambskin, whereas the Trio uses wool and cotton blend; and the Pouch has a golden brass zipper that runs down the side, whereas the Trio has leather zipper tabs. Lastly, even though both are Vermillon red, the Pouch has more blue undertones.




Modeling Pix:

H&M floral blouse
Rag & Bone Capri jeans in Blush
Tiffany Sparkler necklace in Citrine
Hermès CDC belt and Clic Clac bracelet
Valentino Rockstud kitten heels in Gardenia



My favorite celebrity pic is Taylor Tomasi Hill, looking fierce in a Burberry leather jacket and Céline’s Cobalt Blue Clutch!


6 thoughts on “Summer is Here!!!

  1. hi, can you tell me the price of the pink orange clutch?
    its amazing, i want it

  2. Hi Miljana,

    no problem, the clutch retails for 520$. It’s gorgeous, get it when it’s still available 😀

  3. thank you so much
    unfortunately i have to wait my trip to Paris because in Serbia we dont have Celine store 🙁

  4. Awww, that’s too bad, but if you do go to Paris, it is quite the shopping adventure. Hope you have lots of fun and bring back many goodies 😀

  5. Thank you for your understanding! Yeah, I felt really disturbed by what she said. I just hope that maybe she was just having a really bad day and that she doesn’t treat every customer the same way.

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