My First Red Bag – The Chameleon!

Céline SS13 “Large Trio” in Vermillon (27VL) Lambskin:

YAY!!! My second Céline bag in the color that I wanted – RED! I’ve been waiting to buy a red bag for a very long time, but I’ve always felt like such a bright color is best suited for smaller bags. I’ve finally found the perfect “small” bag that can still hold a ton of stuff, that’s why I call it the Chameleon! It was sort of an impulsive purchase, but the color and larger size are difficult to come by. The color is really gorgeous with a slight coral/orange shade under different lighting. I love how versatile it is:
1. Wear it as is with the shoulder strap
2. Separate the compartments and wear as a clutch
3. Use the pouch for other belongings inside bigger bags
4. Or wear it as a “flap” clutch or “Rolled Trio” look that I invented after seeing the SS13 runway bags. I’ve outlined some step-by-step instructions as to how we can achieve the inspired “Rolled Trio” look below.










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At one point I was really interested in the Soft Rolled Trio from SS13 runway, but for 2100$ retail and you do not have the option for detaching the compartments? No thanks, plus I like the shoulder strap option of the regular Trios. So my ever inquisitive mind started clicking and here’s what I have come up with to get the same look in a few simple steps! In fact you can get TWO different ways to wear it!

Step 1:
Detach the 3rd compartment (the one on the back without the Céline logo).

Step 2:
Invert the 3rd compartment and reattach onto the body of the bag.

Step 3:
Tuck in straps into middle compartment. Given the anatomy of the straps, you cannot fully tuck them in without some of it peaking through, but fear not…

Okay, so here is what we have so far to give everyone a visual:




How much stuff can the Large Trio carry?

Quite a lot! These are all my regular items that I usually throw into my Balenciaga bags or Prada totes. I was very surprised to see that it can carry almost the same amount of stuff and yet still look small, neat, and compact. Given its discrete logo, I’ve actually been using this bag at work and it’s just fabulous for all the things that I can hoard. So yeah, the Chameleon at work: small, yet hoards a ton; bold red color, but discrete branding; great at work in the day, then out for play! lol



Celebrities with Regular Trio:


^Olivia Palermo with Orange Trio


^Dakota Fanning with Glacier Trio


^Kim Kardashian… what does she NOT own? This girl has everything…


^Kourtney Kardashian (the lesser known sister, but I like her very much!)

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