Paris Purchase II: The Long Awaited Croc Phantom!

Céline FW13 Small Square Phantom in Black Crocodile-Embossed Calfskin


I recently came back from my trip to Europe and I only had one free day in Paris to do all my shopping. I went to nearly all the Céline boutiques, except for one, and they were pretty much packed with people. I was on the verge of despair because all the new Fall items that I was interested in had still not arrived yet. I think the SAs were fed up with all my questions, but I persisted and kept nagging them.
Per chance with my last question, I inquired about any Phantoms available. I think the SA pitied me seeing that I was so desperate and finally revealed that they had something *good* in stock: the one and only, highly sought after, CROC EMBOSSED PHANTOM that just arrived the same morning and it has been months since they last received stock!
Long story short, I hauled her home in a gigantic Céline shopping bag along with another little accessory 







^Not shown, but I can wear the Phantom pretty comfortably on my shoulder for those who are wondering if it’s doable as a shoulder bag. The bag is VERY heavy and I had to carry it almost the entire day while I was visiting the Louvre. So I had no problems with it over my shoulder. Although, I don’t think it’s possible with a thicker jacket…

Some “In Action” Pix:


^Phantom at the Louvre

Europe Trip 2 101.2

^Phantom at the Eiffel Tower
Reference: Marciano top, 7 For All Mankind jeans, Prada slippers, Louis Vuitton sunnies, and Hermès bracelet

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